Saturday, February 9, 2013

Spartacus Man Eye Candy

As we slide into the last season of Spartacus, I must say how much I still enjoy this bloody flesh feast. Yeesh, what does that say about me?

Left is Liam McIntyre who took over the role of Spartacus after the untimely and tragic death of Andy Whitfield.
Yow, what a codpiece to fill. But so far into this final season, he has taken the role and made it his own.
We all know how this will end. Unless Starz is going to say 'f**k history' and go another direction. The journey to get there will be fascinating. Yes, there is gratuitous nudity, sex and bloodletting in all kinds of imaginative ways, the sometimes annoying slo-mo 300 shots, the obvious CG blood spatter, and the obligatory sword through the face shots, but its what makes Spartacus such a spectacle.

But this isn't the sum total of the show. At the heart (and it does have one) is the notion of honor, of trust and even love. That all men deserve to be free. There have been some genuinely moving moments throughout the series. Besides its beating heart, it also has a feast for the eyes, man candy-wise.

Here is Dustin Clare (with Liam in the background) as Gannicus. Fierce warrior who after a battle, takes on women 2 or more at a time and drinks himself sick.

I am for wine and the embrace of questionable women.

Yep. that Gannicus quote sums up his character. Yet there is a depth to him. A tragic loss of love and friendship that fuels his behavior.
I am interested to see how Gannicus character grows as the series draws to a close.
In the arena as a gladiator, he was a rock star, playing to the crowd. Flashing his wicked grin. And yeah, he is so nice to look at.

Every season Manu Bennett who plays Crixis, has looked different.
This is the look for this season and I like it! Once a rival of Spartacus in the arena, he now fights at Spartacus's side as his second in command. Manu's raspy voice, either whispering words of desire or growling threats at his enemy, send chills up my spine. He just joined the cast of 'Arrow', though I doubt we will have much chance to see him shirtless unless he joins Oliver for a workout.

Back to Spartacus. The love story his character has been caught up in has run out of heat. Too bad, a tortured Crixis pining for his lost love was stunning to watch. I say put him back there and get rid of whats her face ASAP.

Dan Feuerriegel plays Agron, and he is the gay warrior. He appeared at the end of season one, and has been a major secondary character ever since (except for Gods of the Arena)

No gay stereotypes here, Agron is vicious in battle and loves just as fiercely.

This week's episode saw him nearly kill a guy for even touching his true love, Nasir. We also were witness to a hot love scene between the two guys.
  *Fans self* I am really pulling for this couple.

 I just have to ask, are there no ugly men in Australia? (where most of these guys are from)

Next is new cast member Todd Lasance playing a young Julius Caesar. Oh, yummy. Rumor has it there may be a spin-off series with this guy as Casear, I'm down for that!

So yes, all this lovely man candy certainly is an added plus while watching Spartacus. Maybe its the romance writer in me, all these men with tortured pasts and six-pack abs, who can resist? Not I!



  1. this is my FAVORITE show along with ARROW. and because manu bennett is my fave actor from spartacus i am SO glad he is going to be on the ARROW. and i agree watching him be all angsty was just SOOOOOOOOOOOO awesome that i wouldve rather they NOT found 'his girl' lol

    1. Laurie, me too. He will be a great addition to Arrow. Hope they give him a solid role. lol Angsty Crixis was awesome. He was a tortured romance hero in spades! Thanks for commenting! :)


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