Monday, February 18, 2013

Is There a Glut of Giveaways, Visits and Hops?

*Just my opinion*

I have been seeing this in more than one place, authors asking other authors to drop by their visit/giveaway at a blog because there are no comments.

I have been clicking on a few visits/giveaways and noticed that comments on these seem to be down across the board. Same goes for blog hops. I even stopped by a NYT best-selling author's visit at a prominent blog and she only had seven comments.

Are there too many? Sure. Just as there is a flood of  romance/erotica ebooks, there are a flood of giveaways, tours, hops, etc. Back when I was strictly a reviewer, I had time to visit various blogs and enter giveaways. Now? No way. And I'm even home all day, I can't imagine how people who work at an EDJ (every day job) keep up on all this promo for themselves or others.

Authors spend more and more money on swag in hopes of enticing readers, the prizes have to big to entice. A blog hop with a Kindle Fire as the grand prize? A lot of participation. If there is not a grand prize, watch the numbers drop.  Running a small hop between a few authors? *Crickets*. Also, it seems to be the same people over and over again who enter the blog hops. Are you reaching any new readers?  (I think even if you reach a few new ones, its worth it, a blog hop is not that much trouble do a post for)

This is just my opinion, but I think the promo aspect of being published is getting out of hand. The other night on Twitter, an author tweeted about her book 32 times in less than 15 minutes. Yes, I counted.

Nothing is more frustrating that having a giveaway/blog visit and the host does not promo it. Why even have people at your blog/site if you are not going to make them feel welcome? Promoting an author's visit also benefits you, so again, it's a head scratcher. 

Blog Tours? I don't see where they pay off, personally. I have only done one that I paid for myself, and I wasn't pleased with the results. I haven't done it since. I followed one person's tour, she must have paid big bucks as it was a month-long tour, and I did not see much interaction at these stops. I am aware a lot of people lurk, but how do we know how many people we are actually reaching?

Does this all sound rather depressing? In a way, it is. With more and more people becoming published, the bully pulpit is overcrowded. Let's face it, you have to do some promo. The key is to find the balance for yourself. Don't overreach. If doing constant promo makes you happy, I say go for it. But remember to rein yourself in at times, too much promo ticks people off.

I also believe a publisher should be involved in promoting their authors. ALL of them. The focus should be on all books, not just a few lines or genres. Does your publisher have a marketing person? If so, find a way to work with them to properly promo your books.

Decide where to spend your money. I pay a small fee every month at one site and lately I am not seeing any return for the outlay. They haven't posted reviews of any kind in weeks. The latest giveaway/party I was part of, the turn out was rather anemic. I will give it one more month, then I will divert my money elsewhere.

So promo when you can, find what formula works for you, and do not get discouraged if people are not turning out for your blog visit/giveaway/hop/tour. It's not just you~


  1. I bookmarked it...I am going to stop back and see some of the comments. Heather.

    1. I really don't get comments on my opinion pieces, but thanks for stopping by~

  2. I do think that especially around major holidays there seems to be an overabundance of hops going on at one time. There is one author who hosts hops from time to time that offer great grand prizes, but there are just so many participants, and so few days for the hop, that I generally don't bother with them because trying to enter a bunch of them in a short time just stresses me out too much. I will enter those on some of my favorite sites if I can, but I don't worry too much about it if there are other things going on. I am disabled, so most of the time I am home to enter contests, and read blogs and books :)

    1. Hi June! you bring up a good point, at this moment there have been a lot of hops/giveaways etc due to Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Valentine's etc. perhaps now we are heading into spring it will slow down a bit.

      I am home all day as well, and I used to enter a lot of giveaways, its fun! Not so much now, However I enjoy still being a part of hops, even if it is as a host! Cheers :)


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