Thursday, February 21, 2013

~Happy 2nd Anniversary to Me!

Coming up on two years of being offered my first contract (for Timeless Heart from Evernight Pub) and I have been bloodied, battered, and even shoved through a meat grinder.

Writing is very emotional, authors pour their heart and soul and sweat and even blood into their manuscripts. I won't go into my ups and downs, just take my word for it that I had them.

I also will not vilify nor praise any of my publishers (current or former) or any editors or authors. I decided early on I will be keeping my mouth shut on certain topics and after a few early learned lessons, I am even more determined.

 I am not in this for the money. I had no illusions going in I would sell a huge amount of books. So I feel no pressure to write so many words a day, week or month or to have X number of releases. To be honest, I am still stunned I am even published. I still get excited when an acceptance comes through by email. Someone liked what I wrote. Someone who works/owns an epub. It really validates you. I imagine someone self-pubbing doesn't have that rush, but they probably get it other ways, like more sales, lol.

I do not write what is popular or the recent trend. I also do not write full-bore erotica. Yes, there is a difference between Erotica and Erotic Romance. I tried to put in more kink, its not in me. Its something you can't force.

I will also reiterate something I have spoken about in the past, this is not a job to me, nor a career. Its a hobby. A hobby I take seriously. Yes, sorry, buts that's they way I see it. This is MY opinion, and I'm entitled to it. I have no desire to seek out agents, and I live too far away to attend romance conventions or book signings, so here I sit. I have no interest in the business side of publishing.  I have no grand ambitions or illusions. If I happen to have a book go viral, I'll worry about it then.

I have FIVE releases coming out this spring. FIVE. I am still shaking my head in disbelief. I have no firm date on any of them except THE WICKED BAD, my first novel length story. It will be April 15th from Crimson Romance.
NOTE: A Riding Crop for Two coming March 11 from Evernight Pub!

So I will continue to write what I love at my own pace. Do promo at my own personal comfort level.
Thank you to everyone who has bought my books. I truly appreciate it.

When I was much younger, I dreamed of being a published writer.
Goal achieved.
Everything else is gravy.



  1. Congrats & Happy Anniversary :)

    Best of luck in your future endeavors...

    I have enjoyed a few of your books :) looking forward to more

    1. Thanks for the best wishes Beckey, really appreciate them! Hope you do enjoy a few more, five releases coming this spring, something for everyone! Cheers~ :)

  2. Happy Anniversary to you! I adore your books, but you know that. looking forward to all your upcoming release, please do keep writing!!


  3. Happy Anniversary! I love your posts because you write exactly how I feel on subjects. :) Congrats on the upcoming releases and cheers to many more.

    1. Oh thank the gods, someone agrees with me! lol! Thanks so much Chacelyn for your good wishes. As long as it continues to be fun for me, I will continue. Hope you do as well. ♥


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