Saturday, January 19, 2013

Whine and Cheese: When Bad Books Sell Big

I feel a whine coming on, so I have prepared cheese and crackers to go with it. Gather round.

As romance authors, we all have individual goals and personal plateaus we want to reach. I struggle every day trying to improve my writing and fine-tune my storytelling and plotting.

It is, however, a real blow to the gut when I see a book become a success because it is so bad. I will not name the book, but this person started an aggressive spam campaign on social media sites using fake accounts, or so the accusations go. "Look at this hot cover! I recommend this book!" 

Readers lined up to buy it based on the cover alone and the fake buzz. Now comes the scathing reviews. The grammar is horrible, the characters stupid, the sex gross and pure porn, no romance. So what does that do? Encourage more sales! "How bad can it be? I have to read it to find out."

So this author is laughing all the way to the bank. Meanwhile those of us who care about those nit-picky things like pacing, grammar and decently written, erotic romance scenes, are left frozen in shock. It is almost enough to make you throw up your hands and walk away.

Don't. Poorly written books either self-pubbed or pubbed with a publisher often sell a ton of books. It is the way of the biz. It is the same as a horrible movie making #1 at the box-office. You shake your head in disbelief and wonder.

The best thing is to move on. It is a bad habit to get into when you check out best-seller lists and see that dreck is selling better than anything you or any good writer has out there. Take your small victories when you can and forget what everyone else is doing.

Remember it is all subjective. There is a NYT romance author who constantly sells big amounts of books and has heaps of laurels thrown at her feet. I admit I bought the buzz and bought a couple of her books. Meh. I won't be buying anymore. Proof right there that not everything appeals to all people.

One man's dreck is another man's treasure~

Cheers ;)  Pass the cheese...

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