Tuesday, January 22, 2013

UPCOMING RELEASE SPOTLIGHT: Heart of Rock and the '70's!!

Since I have a few releases lined up in the queue, I thought I would do a spotlight on each one.


This novella was with another publisher from July 1-Nov 4. It has been taken off the market as rights were returned to me.

I added a few more scenes and submitted it to Decadent Publishing and la~a contract! I have no idea when it will be re-released, let's just say...a couple of months. Maybe less. Or more. lol~ I'll keep you posted.

The model above fits my hero, Irish rocker Brogan Byrne to a tee. I decided to set the story in 1974 because at heart, I am nostalgic. Also, if I was going to set a story in the 70's, I wanted to do it before disco caught on in a big way *shudder*.

I will no doubt age myself, but I was a tween in 1974, so I remember a lot. Hard to believe but color TV only started making inroads in the early Seventies. By 1974 it had become the standard. Its the year we got one. I remember oohing and aahing over the Kraft commercials, the food! Also, watching Bonanza reruns...in color!
We also obtained cable TV! After a childhood of black and white TV and two Canadian channels (which did show some American programing) we now had all the channels from Bangor, Maine! Whee!
(I grew up on the East coast of Canada)

The number one song in 1974 was Kung Fu Fighting by one-hit wonder, Carl Douglas. Yep, I had the '45 record.

It was classified as Funk, but it had that annoying disco beat that soon took over the music charts. 1974 is also when ABBA hit the charts. *major shudder* However, on the upside, Canadian rock group, RUSH, hit the charts as well! Whee!

My hero Brogan, is a rocker all the way. The name of his rock group? —wait for it— Byrne N' Flame. Sorry. Couldn't resist.

I will admit I know nothing about rock stars and what happens on tour. Besides reading a few rock bios, and attending a few concerts in the latter part of the '70's, I didn't have much to draw on. Hence the beauty of writing fiction. I winged it.

Besides, this erotic romance is not about the technical ins-and-outs of the rock music world, but rather a story of boy meets girl. Girl doesn't take any guff, her tough outer shell is a protection from past hurts. Boy isn't exactly likeable a lot of the time, and carries a lot of baggage. Brogan may just have found the one woman to help him carry the load.

HEART OF ROCK coming soon from Decadent Publishing!


  1. Hi my friend!
    I'm born 1970,so I don't remember that much from the early 70's.Our first TV was a Black and White one as well and there wasn't showing any program from 1 to 3 pm!Here in Germany we only had about 4 or 5 channels!Any I got your first one,should I get the new one as well or didn't you change much?
    Have a wonderful day,hugs Irmtraut

  2. Hi Irmtraut! No, you shouldn't need to get this copy. I only added a couple of short scenes, nothing was taken out.
    Thanks for sharing your memories! If you mention black and white TV to a younger person, they can't understand it, lol! Cheers mate!


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