Saturday, January 26, 2013

The Promo Game: Know When To Fold 'Em~

As a new year begins, its time to reflect and take stock over what I have learned the last two years and make a study of what promo works for me and what doesn't.

If you feel like you are talking to yourself, chances are...yeah. You are. One thing I will be doing is cutting way back. Going forward I am only making a couple of blog stops with each release. Unless the publisher sets one up, I am forgoing the mass mega blitz of visiting a ton of blogs over a short period of time. Maybe it is me, but I have observed comments are way down on these type of giveaways/blog visits across the board whether it is a romance review or an author's blog. As much as I do enjoy interacting with authors and bloggers and the occasional potential reader, writing guest posts and doing interviews just is not paying off.

I will be sticking with blog hops. I would rather bring people to my site and interact with me here. Yes, you see a lot of the same people at every hop, that doesn't matter to me. If a few new people who have never heard of me drop by as well, all the better.

I have left nearly all the Facebook groups I was a member of. Again, no interaction. A lot of them were just endless streams of links. It served no purpose as very few people see any one post.

I have left all the Goodreads groups I was in. I have been told more than once Goodreads is for readers, not authors. Fine, I will be using it for my own reading purposes going forward. I rate books I read for my own enjoyment, (and have since before I was published) those books are exclusively print. I doubt I will rate e-books there.

I am also no longer responding to any reviews on my own books at Goodreads. I think it wise in the long run. Not that I do not appreciate them, I certainly do, I just want no part of the occasional snark I have witnessed. When I thank a reviewer, I will do it privately either by message or email.

I am seriously considering folding my Facebook profile into my author page. I see no benefit promo wise to have both. I will ponder that further.

What is Pinterest doing for me promo wise? Not much. I visit it once a week and slap up a couple of pics. Again, no interaction. Maybe I will set up a promo board and post any announcements on it, along with the shirtless shots! :)

So, I am going to shut everything down and go hide in a cave? No, but I am going to plan my time wisely. Of course I will promo new releases, that goes without saying, I am just going to tweak it to suit the new paramaters I have set up.

It does take a while to find what is comfortable for you personally. Time is a big factor for writers, you will find yourself burnt out from all the demands if you try and do too much. If something isn't working, move on.

That's what I have learned, I know when to fold 'em~


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