Friday, January 11, 2013

1st Contract of 2013~ A Riding Crop For Two!

Great shot of Brit actor Benedict Cumberbatch (BBC's Sherlock) being caressed by a Riding Crop!

Also a great shot to accompany my announcement of a new contract!

My first contract of 2013 is A RIDING CROP FOR TWO with Evernight Publishing.  This is a novella, a Historical/BDSM/Erotic.

It is also a sequel to my free read, THE RIDING CROP. This novella will not be free and is a continuation of Gideon and Olivia's story. What happened after they left the brothel?  All is answered here. I never intended to write a sequel, but a lot of people wanted more, it is! Hell, I was curious what happened to them as well!

Want to check out THE RIDING CROP? It is available at Evernight's website, and at All Romance, Barnes and Noble and Bookstrand and Kobo. Sorry, not on Amazon. But if you have a kindle, Evernight, All Romance and Bookstrand support the device.

Here is the Blurb for A Riding Crop For Two:

After a night of passion at her place of employment an infamous club known as The Riding Crop, Olivia Durham tosses caution to the wind and departs with Gideon ‘Lord Craven’ Broyles. Olivia was known as ‘Mistress Birch’, where she dispensed lashings to her male, aristocratic clients.  Now as she sits in the viscount’s plush townhouse, she wonders if she’d made a hasty decision.

Gideon Broyles is a man who selfishly pursued his debauched adventures with no thought for anyone but himself until he met Liv. His emotional plea to join him and share everything has left him reeling. There are many obstacles to overcome, including his own doubts about his capacity to feel—anything. Is it possible for two emotionally closed off people to find intimacy and lasting love? What lengths will they take to ensure happiness for two? 

More to come! Tentative release month is March 2013~


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