Sunday, December 2, 2012

Two Contracts from Decadent and HEART OF ROCK Has a New Home!

Does this guy scream ROCK STAR, or what?

I am extremely pleased HEART OF ROCK has found a good home with Decadent Publishing!

My 1974 rock novella has not been available since Nov 4 when I was given my rights back from Silver Publishing.

I added a couple of scenes and submitted to Decadent Publishing and they have accepted it! YAY!! There will be no title change. So hopefully in a couple of months or less it will be back with a new cover.

Also, more good news! Decadent also offered me a contract for my first historical novella THE GOVERNESS AND THE BEAST! It is part of  BLIND CUPID trilogy. (The Blind Cupid comes out December 14 from Decadent's The Edge line)

I  am glad my two Silver Publishing titles have found good homes (Christmas Memories will be released as THAT CHRISTMAS FEELING Dec 13 from Evernight Pub) and I can move on.

I have a full plate coming up in early 2013. Coming is BLACK HEART Book 3 of my Blackthorne Clan paranormal series with Evernight and MY HIGHLANDER COVER MODEL with Decadent Pub. Now these two new contracts.

Yep, moving on.


  1. Wow, keeping busy! Congratulations!

  2. I thought you were having a break? lol

    Hey Karyn, how are you! :) I've been a bit of a lurker on blogger since I've come back from my break. Just getting back into the grove again, you know how it goes.

    Your definitely on fire with your books atm. It's fantastic to see and I'm so happy for you too! :)
    I do miss my weekly/monthly read of CS though. Weren't you bring a book out of that story?

    I see you and Gayl have brought a book out together too. Will have to get my hands on that one I think and also all your others. ;)

    Hope you and hubby are well!

    1. Hi Jennifer, great to hear from you! *sigh* I thought I was having a break, lol! Well, I am taking a break from writing and promo at least.

      Thanks so much about my books, Things are really clicking at the moment, how long it will last is another question!

      As for CS, Heart of Rock had Brogan Byrne. However, it is not available at the moment, had to get my rights back (long, depressing story) Good news, one of my other pubs picked it up and will be out again soon!

      Hubs and I are doing fine, hope things are fine for you down under!

      Cheers and Happy Holidays!



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