Friday, December 28, 2012

Take a Number: Complaint Department

I thought I would post a few complaints I received over the past year.

I only received a handful, not bad in the scheme of things.

One thing I have decided, no more short stories. (no stories under 15,000 words) I wanted to prove to myself I could do it, as writing a short story is not easy. I proved enough. Also, I have been told short stories do not deserve high ratings as they are not worth rating and/or reviewing at all. HUH? And that perennial concern mentioned in reviews that a short story is too...short.  I also recieved a concern on the prices. Sorry, the publisher sets the price on ebooks, not the author. So I think it best I just leave short stories out of my future.

Other complaints I received? Someone tore a strip off me because my free read THE RIDING CROP at Barnes and Noble did not have a warning of a brief M/M scene. So I went and looked, and half the blurb and the warning is missing. So it is on all my books Smashwords uploaded to B and N. I let the publisher know, and  to date, it is still missing. Again, out of my control. I will let the publisher know—again. Though there is probably nothing they can do about it.

A complaint that MY VAMPIRE COVER MODEL was too cliched. Um, that was the point of the story? A sweet, fun poke at the paranormal genre? If you were looking for dark and gritty, this novella ain't it. I am gratified that nearly everyone who reviewed it or contacted me got the essence of the story. Thank you! I do the same thing again with the upcoming MY HIGHLANDER COVER MODEL, (fun poke at Highlanders and its pure fantasy) so fair warning~ :)

 I was told I am standoffish. Whaaa? Because I did not 'like' everything this person posted on Facebook and interacted with her enough to suit her, she unfriended me and told me why in no uncertain terms. Well, I didn't dignify it with a personal response. I don't spend all my time on Facebook.  Why do people take things so personally? Because they can.

I think that wraps up the complaints for 2012. See? Not bad, and I handled them well, I thought—in my own way.

I have mentioned I now have a spine of steel and its covered in a fairly thick skin, so I can take any complaints anyone wishes to dish out.

So take a number, varmint!



  1. *claps* *whistles* Petty stuff that shouldn't be an issue in truth. :\

    1. Chacelyn, I agree. People do love to whine (myself included, lol) Happy New Year! ♥


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