Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Silver Pub and the Importance of Moving On~

There have been several reports the past week (and before that, really) regarding Silver Publishing. Am I going to go into my dealings with them here? No. I don't talk about my personal life publicly on-line, and I am sure not going to talk about my writing experiences and private dealings with publishers on-line either. I said all I am going to say in my announcement of November 4th HERE.

 My Christmas story from last year is going to be re-issued shortly at another pub. Christmas Memories now named THAT CHRISTMAS FEELING will release December 13th with Evernight Publishing.

Heart of Rock is in submissions with another publisher as well.

The Christmas novella that was not released has been shelved and I will shop it in the spring to brand new-to-me publishers. As for the staff and authors still at Silver I wish them all the best.  And to those who have moved on as I have, good luck in your future endeavors.

It is really time for me to move forward. I have never thought of a publisher as a 'family', and I keep my thoughts and emotions off-line. Stewing in my juices is not an option. I don't need the stress. I think the lesson here for me is that a publisher is a place of business, first and foremost. E-Pubs have failed in the past, more will in the future. Even though you may submit something and everything with a particular pub seems fine at that time, it can all change on a dime—just like life.


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