Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Amber Kell Birthday Bash!

Hi all! I am helping author Amber Kell with her Birthday Bash Celebration! I am at her blog today with the blurb from BLACK DESIRE, my paranormal from Evernight Publishing! It is book 2 in my Blackthorne Clan series, and book 3 has just been contracted and coming in Jan 2013! Leave a comment there at Amber's blog for a chance to win a PDF copy of BLACK DESIRE. Also read one of my favorite birthday memories!

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Without further ado, here is the next part in Amber's story, RHEA Click on 'read more' to read. It is adult! *YAY*~ 

Happy birthday, Amber!

Within minutes. Rhea had him stripped bare and she was admiring the long cock that stood straight and proud before her. Somehow being fully clothed made the entire thing much more carnal.
A shiver of need rippled up her spine. Not bothering with preliminaries, Rhea covered the head of his erection with her mouth. Relaxing her throat she let it slide on down until she met the base.
The man beneath her shouted, bucked hard almost gagging her.  Obviously not used to being deep throated. Rhea slid her mouth back a bit and swallowed, to caress his shaft with her throat.
Muscles bunched beneath her fingers and his entire body bowed from the bed as he came with one long shudder and a garbled shout.
Once she felt him soften she released him. She felt the magic shift beneath her skin and knew that he had settled her powers a bit. However it was going to take more than a little foreplay before her senses would be calm enough to function properly.
So concentrated on her thoughts to the exclusion of all else she let out a yelp when a large hand reached down and pulled her up with an impressive flexing of muscles.
Sheesh, give a guy the blowjob of his life and he gets all dictatorial. Since their goals were the same, Rhea decided now wasn’t the time to discuss post-coital procedures.
It took her longer to undress then usual with the big man “helping”. His large hands kept tugging, groping and that soft, lush mouth was distracting.
Finally, with a sigh she was sandwiched naked between the soft velvet comforter beneath her and the hard hot furnace of a man above.
Mmm, her favorite place.
Then she lost all ability to think.
A creature of sensation, her entire body turned into one large erogenous zone and the man playing with it knew his way around a woman’s body. Long caresses scraped his callouses across her silky skin, sending shivery tingles up and down her body.
When his large body covered hers and slid between her thighs she was more than ready to accept him.
“Ready my sweet?” Teven asked. If he thought her answer would be anything besides yes the man underestimated his allure.
“Absolutely,” Rhea agreed. She didn’t bother to worry about protection against pregnancy. The moon goddess never allowed her worshippers to have babies unless they were with a worthy mate.
Teven worked his way slowly inside her careful of his size and her much smaller body. With a slow breath Rhea relaxed her tense muscles and accepted him. Once he realized she could accept him just fine, Teven gripped her hips and to show her how well he knew how to use what the gods and goddesses gave him.
“Yes,” Rhea tossed her head back as wave up on wave of pleasure pulsed through her body. Teven’s stamina definitely stood the test.


  1. Thanks this is a wonderful story. Thanks Amber

  2. Awesome again Amber! I'm still super curious who Teven is.

  3. Can't wait to find out who Teven really is.

  4. Great story amber I love it.

    Deborah H

  5. So good Amber. Can't wait for more

  6. Ha...I'd totally laugh if she got pregnant

  7. Totally loving this! I think that she will hook up with a dragon, sweet if it happens!

    sushimobileblue at gmail dot com

  8. Whoo yoooo Rhea is so very good.


  9. What lucky lovers! Um...I wonder if the Moon Goddess will find him to be a worthy mate. And is he a dragon shifter? Really good story!
    donnafisk at bellsouth.net

  10. I know you said no shifters, but ... I am hoping for a dragon.

  11. Hell yeah! That's awesome! Can't wait till the next one tomorrow...

  12. oh my guess I can wait until tomorrow for the next installment..

  13. I really want to know who Teven is.......

  14. Thanks for installment:) Like others I've very curious about Teven!

  15. Maybe Teven is a gift from the moon-godeess...

  16. I wonder if he is the dragon or has something to do with the dragon?


  17. OMG this story is getting so good can not wait till tomorrow

  18. really wondering who Treven will turn out to be :)


  19. Another teaser day.

  20. Nice tease, Amber. ;) I still wanna know who Teven turns out to be.

    Thanks, Karyn and Amber.


  21. Ended at such a good part....nothing to do about it but wait patiently for the next one.

  22. it would be pretty cool if Teven had something to do with the dragons...

  23. Awesome!!! I am going with everyone else I hope he is a dragon shifter and can not wait to find out who he is!!! Karyn Thank you for having us. :)

  24. Hmm, now I'm wondering who Teven is and if he's a shifter.


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