Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Importance of Keeping Quiet~

Yes! I am going to talk about keeping quiet, lol! There is an oxymoron for you.

There has been some 'stuff' going on in my romance pubbed world that has tested my trust. No, I am not going to discuss it.
Why? After observing a small group of authors turn on each other like a pack of hyenas, it convinced me even more to zip it.

When things happen, either in your personal life or professional, we seek comfort from like-minded people, we commiserate and exchange stories and lean on each other.

I have found out that this a good thing....in face-to-face communication. On-line? Not so much.

Emotions run high and fuel rants. Accusations are made. Statements are taken out of context.
Frankly, it has turned me off social media even more.

But outside of all this, I have learned (and learned it the hard way) to not go off half-cocked, make accusations, point fingers and snarl threats until you know all the facts.

Look after your own interests. Not to sound cold, but you can't be worried about everyone else. Any communications between yourself and the party in question should be kept confidential. Stay informed and make informed decisions when you have no choice but to make it.

I am posting this on my site for my own information. To remind myself not to be overly critical, or on the other hand, overly effusive in any situation. 

And the most important thing of all~ to keep quiet.



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