Monday, October 15, 2012

NEW CONTRACT! BLACK HEART coming in Jan 2013~

CONTRACT #10 (I think, I'm losing track) for 2012~

Book 3 of the Blackthorne Clan, BLACK HEART, has been contracted from Evernight Publishing and should arrive in January 2013~

To the left is a model/fitness guy, Niko Calin. I found his picture long after I completed the manuscript to BLACK HEART, but wow does he fit the hero, Deegan Black, from the hair, the goatee and the earring!

Deegan is a vampire and a former pirate, (and Irish! *melt*) and the head of the Blackthorne Clan. A lot happens in this book. I started book 4 ages ago, I think it is time to get back into it. *cracks knuckles*

I can't say enough about the past year, it has exceeded my expectations in so many ways. I also learned a few things as well.

I have two releases coming in November. November 9th sees the release of THE HERO SANDWICH, co-written with Gayl Taylor and releasing from Breathless Press. It is my first menage themed story, and my first cougar! Had a lot of fun doing this.

The second is KNIGHT OF CHRISTMAS November 24th with Silver Publishing. This will be my third and last release with Silver Publishing.

I have three contracts with no release dates as such. As mentioned above BLACK HEART will be in January, THE BLIND CUPID with Decadent Publishing 'maybe' in December, and MY HIGHLANDER COVER MODEL (also with Decadent) will be out in 2013 I assume.

I am content with regards to my writing. I am not under pressure to spew out X number of books as I do not rely on this money for anything but my own enjoyment, and for that I am thankful.

I am writing what I love.
Cheers and have a good week~


  1. Congratulations on your new contract and your upcoming releases, Karyn!

    1. Thanks so much Elyzabeth and cheers for stopping by!

  2. Karyn, Congrats on another acceptance! Also, we're going to be pub sisters! My newest book "The Harvest Queen's Tutor" was just contracted by Decadent Publishing as well! Just signed so have absolutely no idea on when yet, but so excited. Is this really ten for you? Wow! "Awe struck"

    1. Lisa, that is fantastic news! Welcome to Decadent! I can't believe it is 10 contracts for this year, WAY exceeded my plan. I doubt I will match that ever again, lol! Cheers and thanks for stopping by!

  3. Hi Karyn, Love the Blackthorn clan and look forward to book three.

    Can you also send Niko Calin my way too, preferably wearing nothing but a bow tie (wink). My god what a hunk,definitely a Blackthorn.

    Congratulations on your new books, look forward to reading them. Highly recommend them.

    1. Cheers Iron Mum and thanks! LOL about Niko! He does scream Blackthorne, that's for sure!

      Thanks so much about the books, and please do tell me how you enjoy them! Thanks for stopping by!

  4. oh,he looks like Liam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I look so much forwart to this!
    TC Irmtraut

    1. Doesn't he? Great point Irmtraut! Also looks like Victor from my Vampire sims! I couldn't have found a better match! Cheers!


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