Friday, October 19, 2012


I thought for fun I would occasionally post little vignettes using the Sims 2 game as a visual. Warning: These are adult.

Before I was published, I was part of the Sims community. I wrote stories and used snapshots from the game, almost like a graphic novel.  I cannot stress enough how doing this improved my storytelling, plotting and writing skills. Its a work in progress. I am still learning.

I have since taken down all my Sims blogs and left the community. I have quite a bit I never got around to posting, so for my amusements and maybe yours, I thought I would post a few once in awhile.

The shots from the Sims game were taken a long time ago, and with the help of custom content and poseboxes, you can make your sims look amazing and do amazing things!  Overlook grammar and such, this is for fun~

Read ON....

The soft snick of the bathroom door handle caused him to glance up. She was ready for him.
He was very lucky to find a woman in this ramshackle city who could see to his needs. In all ways. Be discreet.
He did not desire her, or want her in his life. Only these few times a month when he could find an outlet. They did not converse or share backgrounds. What they did share—was pain.

Madame X. She was a dominatrix. His gaze traveled down the whole long length of her. She was encased in leather, hell, poured into it. She tapped a riding crop in her gloved hands. Her ebony hair fell in waves down her back, her lips painted bright red and moist.

"Crop or whip?" she whispered seductively.

"Crop...this time," he replied, as casually as if he were ordering a coffee in a diner. Madame X pulled a chair over and sat down.

"On your knees."

X whipped the towel off her client. It took all her self control not to gasp. The man was built in all ways, and fully aroused. She secretly hoped these sessions would end in sex, but they never did. She slowly raised her foot and grazed his arm with her stiletto heel.

"Speak. How do you want it?"

"No blood. Do not break the skin," he growled.

"How many?"

"Until I tell you to stop!" he thundered back.

She stood, easing him back on his knees. She loosely tied his arms behind him with a silk scarf. He didn't like it too tight, she knew that about him now. Kneeling in front of him, she pushed her leg next to his arousal. Experimentally, she rubbed her knee against him, he liked it, a small, sly smile curved about his lips.
Without thinking she raised her hand and stroked his face.This man was beautiful. It would be a shame if someday he did want to be bloodied. Such skin.

"As you command. I will wait for your order to stop." she replied.

Her fingers moved through his chestnut colored waves. With his eyes closed in anticipation, she took this opportunity to study his features. Who was she to judge what anyone needed? This man needed—to feel. Something, anything, even if it was pain. Still stroking his cheek, she reached with her other hand for the riding crop and slapped it against her thigh. The 'thwack' of the crop making contact with the leather made him moan.

So be it.


  1. OH fantastic! Glad you are going to post little bits for fun. This was kinky! Very well done, the shots and the writing!


  2. Brilliant!! I definitely want more!

  3. I was missing the pictures!Glad you posted a little now!Thank you!Irmtraut


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