Wednesday, October 24, 2012

FREE READ: My Take on the Experinece PART II

As I sit and look at my royalty statements from different epubs, I can honestly say my sides split from laughing. And believe you-me, that is no easy feat.

Looking at the quarter that my free read came out (April, May, June) for third party sales and....pffft.
No discernible uptick in sales at all. Also, going to the publisher's website to download the free read did not tempt readers to buy any books there. Hmmm.

Smashwords says there was over 600 downloads, hell, my free read was even on a torrent/pirate site (!? Really? A free read on a pirate site? Spare me) and had over a thousand downloads. But how many of these people actually read the thing? Not many.

I only have to look at my own kindle. I have twenty pages of free reads and I haven't looked at one. Not. One. In fact, I've stopped download free reads, its getting out of hand.

So, what did a free read accomplish? Maybe it got my name out there to a few dozen people who never heard of me before. I would say that was about it. I certainly appreciated the feedback I received on the free read as well.

Conclusion: I won't be doing another. I am not into flash fiction in any form, so it isn't something that appeals. Though I have learned never to say never~

I did enjoy writing the short story however, and to me, that alone was worth it.  I even have an idea kicking around in my head for a short sequel concerning the same couple. Will see how it goes~Sorry, that will not be free ;)


  1. Hi Karyn,
    I rarely download free books. The idea of it being free is not as important to me as what's it about. If I think I'll enjoy it then I;ll download but to be honest I'd happily pay if I feel its good and so far I've enjoyed what I've bought.Free maybe to introduce new Authors or to draw customers to their site but I regularly scan sites for the newest books and assume others do the same. A gamer goes to his/her source just as we do.

    Your idea is intriguing, look forward to hearing more.

    1. Hi Iron Mum, thanks for your feedback. Doing the free read was a fun experience, but I doubt I will do it again. I feel as you do.

      I did download a lot of free reads, and now I am wondering why. Some I have looked at are not my cup of tea. So yes, it is important to know what a book is about. Cheers!

  2. Hy my friend!
    I did read your free one and some other as well but not as many as I downloaded! I love the way you write and will buy them,the free one was nice but I understand your point and to me,I would bought it!Keep up your wonderful writing!!!
    TC Irmtraut

    1. Thanks for your feedback, mate! Also glad you enjoyed tghe free read, that means a lot! Cheers for ALL your support!!

  3. I loved that story! But then, I already knew you before I read it, so I'm not really the audience you're trying to reach. ;)

    I'm having similar thoughts about free lately. The market is so overrun with free stuff that it doesn't mean anything anymore. People download free books they have .001% interest in ever reading. And even those who do end up reading them have no interest in coming back to buy because they don't have to - there are whole websites devoted to alerting readers to when books are free. I know readers who have said that they NEVER pay for books. I had a friend tell me that my ebook was going to be the first she ever paid money for. I know she meant that as a compliment, but at the same time, it's really discouraging. :(

    I was going to do free for a short story I'm putting out, but on second thought, I think I'll probably do 99c or $1.49 instead. At least that'll get the story into the hands of people who actually pay for books.

    It's all trial and error though! And hey, at least you got the idea for a sequel out of it! :D

    1. Thanks Laura!

      The market is overrun in everything, not just free reads. They said there are over a million authors listed on Amazon now. And a lot offer free reads. You are bang on about people who just consume free reads and nothing else. It is discouraging. So glad I don't rely on this money.

      I think setting a low price on a short read is a fine idea. I don't regret doing the free read. It took me no time to write and I enjoyed going outside my romance comfort zone and trying a little kink. So much so, my next short story THE BLIND CUPID is very similar, but I sold it to a pub this time around.

      Thanks for commenting!


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