Monday, September 24, 2012

Highlander Monday....What appeals about these laddies?


There is something innately sexy and thrilling about a highlander. Especially one from the past.

What appeals? The kilt? The sword? The longish hair blowing in the wind? All of the above to be sure. Usually these laddies are brawny and muscular and huge—in all the right places. They have the touch of barbarian, something dangerous and primal. He's carnal, sexy and sensuous. Not afraid to voice his needs, his wants.
Delve under the handsome, gruff, tough exterior and you find an honorable, stout heart. A man capable of deep emotion and passion.

Or so the romance novels tell us. And why not? Its fantasy, its fun! Who wants to read of a short, toothless, dirty warrior who lives in a mud hut? Not me! Bring on the six foot four stud who wields a large sword and wears nothing but a kilt~

One of my favorite reads is "Kiss of the Highlander" By Karen Marie Moning. Time-travel? Sexy highlander? Alpha, kilted sex bomb?

Perfect. After I read this a couple of years ago, I vowed I would try to write a highlander time-travel of my own.

I just signed a contract for the novella MY HIGHLANDER COVER MODEL with Decadent Publishing.

My Cailin Thorburn is everything I find appealing about a romance novel highlander. This is fantasy all the way with a dash of magic thrown in.

Karen's book made me tear up, big time. Drustan is intelligent, witty, honorable and sexy as hell. With Karen Marie Moning's highlander books as an influence, if I even came half-way close of achieving what Karen did, I will be happy. I recommend all the books in the series, but this is by far my favorite! BONUS: Nathan Kamp on the cover.  (And Nathan pictured above) Gaaaa~those lips.



  1. congrats on your contract! I haven't read many books with highlanders in it, but you convinced me!


    1. jaundyce, give them a try, you won't be disappointed! And thanks about the contract!

  2. I love a good, strong man; especially if stacked in the all the right places (wink) The fights we'd have would be intense, followed by even more intense making up.

    Imagine... Tall broad, wearing nothing but a kilt and carrying a claymore straight from battle. He strides towards you with purpose in each step and hunger in his eyes... hair flowing his dark eyes turn obsidian as he stops, so close you could hear his heart beating, the heat in his face and body for you....

    Oh yeah, highland men definitely have it. Knowing my luck though, the battle would have been with my lot (I'm English) and he was excited about lopping off my head.

    Ah well, hopefully my head would roll to his feet with my eyes looking right up his kilt.

    Well done on the contract.

    1. OMG!! Iron Mum, I have missed you! LMAO! I love it, thank you for stopping by, you made my day! And BTW, I love what you wrote! I pictured the highlander all the way!


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