Friday, August 3, 2012

Time for another Facebook Rant!

I know, quit whining. If you hate Facebook so much, leave it! The short answer is~I can't.

A few writers in my acquaintance have closed their accounts and left, but they sell books at a pretty good clip and really don't need to promote.

I, however, am the poor shlub walking along the sidewalk wearing the two-sided sign over my shoulders trying to draw attention, So I need to promote myself, and I have to do it on Facebook.

 So I post shots of hunky guys (Like Joe, the werewolf guy from True Blood, whose name I can't remember)
to bring people to my wall. Meh, whatever works.

I started an author page, managed to get over 600 people to like. Now I find out, barely 100 people see anything I post there because Facebook has it set up that only people that you 'interact' with will see anything you post. (Want to reach a bigger audience? Pony up the cash! No thanks, Facebook) This goes for your personal page as well. WTH? Who has time to 'interact' with 2400 friends? I don't.  One morning last week I had 15 friend requests. Have no idea who these people were, but accepted the requests anyway. 

As for important issues: I am Canadian. We approved and embraced gay marriage back in 2005. We've had gays in the military happy and accepted for a few decades. When the rest of the world catches up to us, let me know. In the meantime, I made a vow to stay out of ALL issues, social, political and otherwise. My views, my business. You want to get up on a soapbox? That's cool. Just don't be rude about it. I shudder to think of the upcoming American election and the vitriol ahead.

Okay, Kettle, you're black. You're on a soap box now! ;) But this is my blog, different kettle of fish. I need to vent somewhere.

Pictures of wide-eyed kitties with that inane "dis is my shitz" type speak annoy me to no end. Do I really need to see pictures of what you made for supper? (Close-ups of bowls of chili make me want to hurl.)

I've had authors tell me you have to interact more! Sorry, I tried. I can't do it. I can't give hourly updates on how many words I've written or how many minutes I sweated on the exercise bike. Or if I inhaled a whole bag of Sour Cream and Bacon Ruffles Chips in under 15 minutes. I was even accused of being a snob because I didn't comment or 'like' a certain person's wall posts.

Facebook continues to test my faith in the human race, but I will hang around, only because Promotion is the name of the game. And I will grudgingly admit, it is a place for people of a like-mind to connect, but just as it's people's right to post whatever they wish on their wall, it's my right to continue to dislike Facebook.

Stay thirsty, my friends~ (Facebook and otherwise)

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