Wednesday, July 11, 2012

FREE READ: My Take On The Experience~

The Riding Crop was not my first 'free read', I had a couple of shorts in two different Silver Shorts anthologies. This was my first 'stand alone' short story/free read. One of my publishers, Evernight Publishing, announced they would offer a free read line to in-house authors.

I had this short story I was going to submit elsewhere and I thought, why not make it a free read?

Positives: It could boost the sales of my other books, maybe if someone read and liked the free read they might buy my other books!

Reality:  Since it has been released May 25, I've seen hardly a ripple in my standings at any of the sites that sell my books, but I will reserve judgement for the royalty report on that particular quarter (which I won't get until fall) So does free reads boost sales? Meh. A little.

*also this is a bonus for the publisher, a free read will bring potential customers to your website, and maybe buy other titles*

Positives: A free read will expose you to potential readers who never heard of you before! Maybe the story will impact them enough that your name will stay fresh in their mind! Maybe they will recommend your free read to others!

Reality: This has paid off in spades and is really the only reason I considered making this a free read. I've received incredible feedback either through messages, emails, and reviews--especially on Goodreads.  Sure, I rec'd my share of 2 stars, hey, not everything appeals to everyone. However, word of mouth---works. Some have asked if there will be a sequel. It was not my intent, but I will think on it. If it wasn't for the feedback, I never would've even considered a part two. My thanks to those who took the time to contact me, rate, review or recommend The Riding Crop, I truly appreciate it~

So in conclusion, is doing a free read worth it?  For the added exposure alone, I give a resounding YES and recommend it to any writers who want to expand their reach~



  1. your comments have me thinking, I have one I may do as a free read now. thank you.
    ps i enjoyed it a lot!

    1. Thanks Raven, glad you enjoyed. My experience may not be everyone's, but more exposure is always a good thing! Hope you give it a try~

  2. I liked it so much I decided to sub one too.

    1. YAY Lilith!! Can't wait to read it and thanks!!

  3. Thanks for this post, Karyn. I have been wondering about the payoff of doing this via publisher because heaven knows I've offered many a free read on my blog but they didn't do squat because I didn't have enough reach to get the traffic.

    1. Exactly why I went the publisher route Lila. Available in more places. More exposure and hopefully more readers! Hope you give it a whirl!


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