Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A Song Instead of a Kiss~ Farewell for Now~

Before I make my way to Eastern Canada to visit family and friends and go to the beach in hope that I see something as stunning as this *not*

Just want to thank everyone who contacted me, left reviews or messages about THE RIDING CROP. It is very much appreciated.

I don't often mention when I get a message or email from a reader. However, I do get the occasional one and when I do, I am thrilled to bits. So thanks to everyone who ever contacted me to let me know you enjoyed one of my books!

After hemming and hawing over what I am going to do about Facebook, I've decided—bugger it, I'll continue to be a good doobie and post promo as is expected. Even though barely 20% of people on my author page see anything I post. Also my personal page the percentage isn't that much higher I assume. I guess if you reach one reader, then mission accomplished.

Also, Facebook and their changes—I can't keep up. I mean, wanting to charge me $$ to promo my posts on my author page? WTH? I think Facebook will soon follow MySpace into internet oblivion at some point in the future. Well, I can hope ;)

UPDATE on RELEASES: June 30th will see the release of HEART OF ROCK. Just waiting on the final SE edit. Silver Publishing

Edits almost completed on MY VAMPIRE COVER MODEL no word on cover art or release as yet. Keep you posted.

MY HERO SANDWICH co-written with Gayl Taylor Release Nov 9th, Breathless Press
KNIGHT OF CHRISTMAS Release Nov 24th  Silver Publishing  Edits pending on both of these~

UPDATE ON WIPS (works in progress) Have completed a MS called MY HIGHLANDER COVER MODEL but it it no where near ready for submission.

The two paranormals to the Blackthorne Clan series/ One completed, the other 2/3 done, but kicked to the back-burner until later this fall. Have a lot of thinking to do over the summer regarding this series.

As of this point in time, there are no plans to continue the time travel series. Its dead in the water. I do apologize to those who wished more. Note to self *never write a sequel to a book when you have no end game in sight* Lesson learned.

Meanwhile this break is much needed, no social media (well, very little) no writing, and hopefully, very little editing.

Have a great summer.

 Meanwhile, here's a song, instead of a kiss~

Karyn Gerrard~

Song Instead Of A Kiss by Alannah Myles on Grooveshark


  1. Hi my friend!
    I wish you a wonderful summer!!!!!!
    I'm sorry to hear about the time travel books but never mind,the once you got out was so great but I love all of your work,so I wait for the next one comming out,it will be great,even if there isn't any time traveling in it! Also I loved your western books,I think it is how you do your stories more as about who you write about.
    Hugs Irmtraut

  2. Hi Irmtraut, wonderful to hear from you!

    Who knows, maybe some time down the line I will think of a way to do more of that time travel series, but for now, can't think of a thing!

    Heart of Rock comes out June 30th! And thanks for the wonderful words, your support means so much. You have a great summer too!

  3. Love that song! have a great vacation and want to say congratulations on all the contracts! wow, you are on a roll! I am sorry to hear of the time travel too, but fingers crossed you continue with the blackthorne series.


    1. I love it too! And thanks! Like I said, never say never, but at this point in time (no pun intended) Its a no-go. Never again will I try and force a series out of a book that I never intended to make into a series.

      Hey, I see you're on goodreads! Thanks so much for the ratings and reviews~

  4. Hope you have a great summer, Karyn!


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