Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Hello fellow babies!

Have I got a book for you!

Some days, I feel like Dr. Johnny Fever screaming in the microphone. Who's listening?

Unfortunately, on Facebook, not too many. I've come to the conclusion all I am interacting with on Facebook is other authors and I really don't have time to attend every event, like and/or comment on every wall post, visit every blog or giveaway as much as I would like to.
I haven't made any secret of my dislike of Facebook. It's only deepened. Drama, imagined slights, (And I am as guilty as anybody here) hatred, jealousy and personal stuff that makes you shudder. Cliques and covens, and high school antics. Pictures of cutsy pussies and wide-eyed dogs. Spiritual sayings. Endless streams of "Hey, you guys! I'm number 23 on the hot 100 on Amazon! Like and tag my book!"(don't get me started on that weird trend)

Other authors complain (and rightly so) about other authors who do nothing but promo. They should interact more, its social media. Well I hate to say, some days I don't feel very social. And forced joviality over some aspect of my life makes my skin crawl. I don't like sharing anything personal. Sorry, its the way I roll. I think its why I prefer twitter. I can spew out something in 140 characters or less and move on. Also, I like pinterest. Want to know more about me? Its pretty much laid out there.

I've decided I'm going to hang out more at Goodreads, if I must choose a social media outlet. Seems to me there are more potential readers there, logically speaking. So I am kicking Facebook to the bottom of the list for social media. I am mighty tempted to delete my account and just go with the author page. I'll take the summer to mull it over.

There are dozens and dozens of romance ebooks released every day. The pond is clogged with thousands of authors. How to be heard? Ultimately, you can't be heard over the din. Write what you love, and hope others will like it, too. Promo yourself, do what's comfortable for YOU, not what others tell you is the right amount. I will continue to post shirtless shots of hunks, write the occasional funny blog, visit a few other blogs for givaways now and then and do what I love most of all~write.

Cheers, fellow babies~


  1. Sometimes it does feel like preaching to the choir on FB. And I miss so many posts I don't want to miss! God forbid I go to sleep for a little while.

  2. It is preaching to the choir for the most part. I was away from Facebook for three days and realized I didn't miss a thing. More kitty pics, shirtless hunks, promo, snark. Oh well, I will be a good doobie and keep doing what is expected of me promo wise ;)


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