Wednesday, May 9, 2012

ONE YEAR LATER: A Reflection

In a few places, I have mentioned I was part of the Sims 2 community.

The Sims 2 is a video game. I would have grown bored with it fairly quick if I hadn't discovered the story telling option in the game that allows you to take pictures and write text to accompany each picture.

I found a lot of people enjoyed this aspect of the game same as I did. I set up blogs and started long-running serials.

I actually had people reading and commenting on my updates. I learned so much from the fours years I did this. In-depth plotting, creating characters, hell, I even picked the music to accompany each chapter.
I was the executive producer, director and writer. It was my own TV show.

I found a lot of these ladies doing Sim stories had dreams of being published. I did too, but I had let it go years before. The dream was revived, could I do it? With e-Publishers, it opened up a vast field of opportunity. So I took the bare bones of a Sims story I did, added fresh meat, and Timeless Heart was finished. It was accepted within twenty-four hours, and now one year later, I haven't looked back.

I gave up my public sims stories, because I knew I would be using plots and characters I'd already created. Frankly, I no longer had time to update the sims blogs.

I am pleased that a couple of people I met while doing sim stories are also about to be published in Romance. Suzanna Mederios will have a historical romance coming out in September 2012 with Total E-Bound called Dear Stranger.

Gayl Taylor, who is also my crit partner and co-writer on our upcoming release with Breathless Press, The Hero Sandwich, makes her debut May 26, 2012 with Ride a Cock Horse also with Breathless.

To the right is the cover for HEART OF ROCK from Silver Publishing coming June 30. Look at the cover, then the shot from the sims game above. Yep, same guy. I am tickled Silver's art department brought my Sims Brogan to life.

Are you an aspiring writer? Don't ever give up. There isn't a damn thing wrong with being published with an e-publisher. Published is published. Self-publishing is a road to travel, it can be satisfying in its own ways. But I have to admit, it is a real shot of adrenalin to this writer's soul when I get an acceptance from a publisher. Someone liked what you wrote.  You can fly high for days on that. After one year and eleven acceptances later, it never gets old~


  1. How nostalgic seeing Brogan again!
    *winks* Hey, cutey! LOL

    I'm so happy you revived the dream Karyn. You're a wonderful writer!I enjoyed getting to know you in the Sims community and I'm smiling in your success. I know, wonderful surprise when Gayl told us she was publishing.

    You guys are such an inspiration to us Sim community-hogs, I meant fellow writers!

    1. Thanks Jean-Marie for saying that about the writing, appreciate it. Gayl and I are the proof, don't give up on your dreams. It was a blast to bring Brogan to life in a manuscript. Cheers for stopping by and commenting!

  2. You know I keep thinking 'Had I known then what I know now' but timing is everything isn't it? It happens when it happens for a reason I guess.

    You have been an inspiration to so many. And the Sims community of writers and storytellers has been amazing in their support and encouragement of each other. In whatever medium and whatever road is chosen I hope more will consider publishing.

    Congratulations on this milestone. Don't let it end.

    1. Timing is everything. I don't think I was ready confidence wise or otherwise to do it any sooner than I did.

      The sims community rocks. You don't realize just how supportive they are until you venture into other communities. I also encourage more to try it, whatever, whenever. It IS rewarding. Cheers, Gayl~

  3. Great post, Karyn, and happy anniversary! I agree completely. I enjoyed my time writing Sims stories very much and it was just what I needed to do at that time of my life to help me become confident in my writing abilities. I enjoyed being part of the community very much - there are many talented people writing Sims stories.

    I love the greater opportunities that epublishing provides. And for those willing to take on the extra work to self-publish, kudos to them! Whatever the venue, it takes a lot of courage to put your writing out there for others to read.

    1. Thanks Suzanna! And congrats to you! I think you nailed it, it worked for me at that time in my life as well. I can't praise sims stories enough as an effective tool for writing and plotting.

      e-publishing is here to stay. I also applaud those who self-pub, too much work for me. :D I admire anyone who submits their writing. It does take courage, thanks for commenting~

  4. Hey from another Silver author! I love that you got started with the sims. I loved sims 2 but the horses added so much more to sims 3. Of course I have zero time to play now. I used to do the same thing with my sims and if I didn't know what to do with someone I'd let them go play for a while and eventually they'd find the hunky firefighter or fall for the artist doing their portrait or something on that level. It was all a lot of fun.

    1. Hi Caitlin! I never made it to Sims 3, now looks like I never will. Like you, I no longer have the time. I haven't been in the sims 2 game since November. I keep trying, but something else pops up! I heard the horses are cool in sims 3. The sims is a great tool for creating characters and plots. And I agree it was a lot of fun. Hope to get back into it soon, just for the fun of playing. Cheers and thanks for commenting!


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