Sunday, May 27, 2012


While writing MY VAMPIRE COVER MODEL, coming soon from Decadent Publishing, I had a certain type in mind for the hero.

It wasn't until after the story was submitted and accepted that I found a picture of this drool-worthy man, Eduardo Verastegui.

Wow, does he fit the physical description I gave in the book!

He is Burn Sheridan, the Irish cover model. I love full, sensual lips and thick eyebrows on a man, and the dark hair. And the gorgeous eyes.

Look at that killer smile. A man shouldn't look this good. Born in Mexico in 1974, he is a model, singer and actor.


Janice batted her eyes innocently. “That’s why you’re going to make sure we get a private audience with her and him.” Janice pointed to the table set off to the side of her aunt. “Burn the Cover God. Look at him. The guy is damned gorgeous.”

Deanna swung her gaze to the tall man in black leather. Check on the gorgeous. The model wore skin-tight black leather pants and no shirt, except for a calf-length black leather coat. The exposed chest could not be real. They must have waxed him, as there wasn’t any hair on his muscled, carved torso. His jet-black hair was long and wavy, just past his jaw line. And what a chin. It was perfectly shaped, with a sexy cleft. The model looked beautiful in a virile, male way, and he certainly had been graced by the DNA fairies. This man must’ve dived into the deep end of the gene pool. He was beyond handsome, maybe too much so. Most men did not look like that, at least not any in her acquaintance. 

“His name is ‘Burn’? You’ve got to be kidding me.”

And yes, another hero in leather pants—what can I say? *wink*

Back to edits! When I have a release date on this, I'll certainly announce it~


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