Thursday, May 3, 2012

EDITING~Welcome to my Nightmare

I haven't smoked in over thirty years, but I'm tempted to take it up again.

As much as I enjoy the 1-3 day euphoria of being offered a contract, then the couple of days swooning over cover art, reality sinks in.

Edits will be coming...soon.

Checking my inbox is something I now dread. I'm doing this for fun, right?

Yes, fun. I have come to the conclusion (though I suspected this all along) that I am a storyteller, not a writer. What I am is a middle-aged woman who completed high school decades ago. I never went to university, nor have taken any creative writing or grammar courses. I am what I am. My teacher hubs tries to help, but he is way too busy to go over everything I write.

So I muddle along. I know I have a terrible habit of mixing my tenses and I never catch them all. I am finally starting to get a grip on comma usage and have learned to rein back the adverbs. I could go on.

My editing experiences have run the gambit. What frustrates me to no end is every editor has their quirks. Also, after slicing my grammar and technique to shreds, putting a happy face on the end of your comment doesn't make it go down any easier.

Don't get me wrong, some editors are great. Not all my experiences were stress inducing.

Considering I am doing this for fun, and keep trying to convince myself its a hobby, the process of editing is sucking all the joy of of this experience.

I know. Quit whining! You're published! What more do you want?

Being overly sensitive is not conducive to being a published writer. You need a hide as thick as a Rhino's. So I will suck it up and move forward, accept my writing is not perfect, try to improve as I go and not look back.

Checking my inbox...edits. *headdesk*


  1. I hope I one day have this dilemma with regard to an overflowing inbox of edits. But I do agree that it could take all your time and suck the joy out of writing. By the time I was done editing my first I was sick of the story. I dreaded the thought of reading it one more time.

    Storyteller or writer - call it what you will - you do it well, my dear.

  2. Edits are a joy sucker, at least to me. Good point, you do get sick of the story. I was so sick of Black Desire I was ready to hurl. I just pray I won't have edits when I'm away this summer. If so, I hope they are minimal. Right.

    Awww, thanks. I needed to hear that. ♥

  3. Hi my friend!
    Your stories are great,don't get yourself down,from start on they was great and then got better all the time!If it is too much,write a story just for you or your blog,just for the fun!You don't have to get everything puplished or can decide on it much later and not being perfect makes the story yours,I love them and it is how you tell your story not if everything is right!Remember it is fun,not a must!Anyway I wish you a wonderful weekend!Your friend Irmtraut

    1. Hi Irmtraut!

      I took your advice and did a free read, though its with a publisher, lol!(coming out next month) Having fun is a definite must. In fact, this week I am going into the sims game. I haven't played it in months. Thanks so much for your support! *hugs*


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