Thursday, April 5, 2012

Muse and Musings~

Another week in the salt mines has come and gone and I won't bore you with all the ups and downs. Just glad it's the Easter weekend and my plate is more or less clean at the moment.

Say hi To Michael David Barre, model, fitness guru and my muse for a few of my heroes.

I'm not into tattoos or piercings on a man, those pictures leave me clammy. I just want pure, rippling muscle. Michael fills the bill. I used him as the base for Lucius Black in Black Lust.

He is also being used in a WIP that I will tell more about if and when its submitted and/or accepted! Let's just say, with Michael to write about, it was a blast of fun~

I like the lean, muscular look, but this is my favorite. I love a guy with broad shoulders and a huge chest. When they hug you, they wrap around you like a blanket. Protection, security, love. Michael is 6'3". Perfect, love a tall guy too, and if he towers over my 5'4", all the better.

Alas, he's 28. I am...well-older. Which makes this dream all the more fun.

And it is a dream. How cool that I can take that dream and put it to paper (or Microsoft word)? And how even more cool to write this with someone else?
More to come! *tease*

Writing can be solitary, especially when you find you really don't have a lot in common with other writers. So how wonderful to find someone who likes to write M/F erotic, hot and sweet romance like I do~

  I will push forward and continue to put my heated dreams to paper and have a ton of fun while I do it!

Thanks Micheal, I am sure I will use you again~

Happy Easter weekend~


  1. Happy Easter weekend to you as well Karyn! What a treat to see Michael in nearly all his glory. I don't think I have seen a bad picture of him. He inspires a great deal - including hot, steamy dreams.

    1. Same to you, Gayl! I haven't seen a bad picture of him either. he encompasses so much of what I see in a hero, physically. Yep, hot and steamy, no question!

  2. Happy Easter! :D

    Damn, I love it when you post shots of all these gorgeous men :P

    Oh man, I know what you mean about not finding common ground with other writers. I'm doing a creative writing degree right now and pretty much every other fiction writer in the program is doing literary short stories while I'm flip-flopping between experimental fantasy and gritty socio-political commentary. It's good to get a sense of all the different genres out there, but there's a certain feeling of camaraderie that you can only get from people writing similar work.

    You've been working hard! You definitely deserve to take the weekend off :)

    1. Happy Easter to you too, Renee! Great to hear from you!

      You nailed it Renee, exactly. There are some genres I just can't relate to~

      Thanks! Not only am I taking the weekend, I'm taking the summer off as well. Cheers and all the best with your writing!


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