Monday, April 16, 2012

GUEST POST AND GIVEAWAY! Bitten by Paranormal Romance~

Another week, another blog visit! Today, I am at Bitten By Paranormal Romance for a guest post and giveaway. I chatter about the appeal of Time Travel. Giveaway on until April 23. Drop by leave a comment and use bonus entries via Rafflecopter for more chances to win~

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Just to clarify my post a week or two ago about is my writing a 'job or a hobby'. Yep, I still consider it a hobby. But its a hobby I take VERY SERIOUSLY. And this is just my own opinion. You think of it as a job? Cool.

Also, to my fellow authors: No, I don't have guest spots at my site/blog. Sorry. The name of this site is KARYN GERRARD so yeah, it's all about me. :D

I do have a separate blog, THE ROMANORUM to deal with reviews, romance, etc. Which I admit I have been neglecting lately. I plan to remedy that. Going forward, once a week, (or once a month, whatever my schedule allows) I will spotlight an author from one of my publishers or draw attention to a new author.

While we are talking reviews, I also want to point out that I will not be doing written reviews for any books from a publisher I deal with. Just my own opinion. I pretty much have taken ebooks off the table anyway, due more to a time crunch than anything else. It can just cause hard feelings. I also don't rate/review any books I either DNF (did not finish) or is less than 2.5 stars out of 5. There is enough nastiness out there, I'm not going to add to it.

EXCEPTION: If an author rates my book who also is with the same publisher as myself, I will reciprocate. Common courtesy.

I'm not going to stop reviewing books because I'm published. I'm still a romance reader as well. And I did reviews for various blogs including my own before I was published and I enjoyed it then and I still do~Everyone has their own feelings on this and their own way of rating books. This is mine.



  1. What an awesome book! I won this on Fictional Candy and then came here to join your awesome blog! I can't wait to read this! I'm really excited!!!!!!

    1. Just sent it to you Chrissy, really hope you enjoy and thanks for following my site!


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