Thursday, March 15, 2012


Got your attention? I admit I admire rugged, hunky guys, but there is a lot to be said for the pretty boys, too. Love this one's eyes and his playful pose.

So what's up in my corner of the world? Next week Timeless Love releases! (March 23) I'm nervous, this is my first sequel and I'm not sure how it will be received. It is different from Timeless Heart but kind of the same too which could slice either way. My expectations are not high. I have reached an impasse with this series and have shoved it way on the back burner. Not sure where to go next. I will revisit in the fall.The Blackthorne Clan series has also been shoved to back burner status for now.

I will be taking the summer off. The teacher hubs and I are planning a couple of trips to visit family so we will be zig-zagging across Canada. I will have my laptop with me, but for all intents and purposes, won't be on-line much. Trying to stagger my submissions so I won't be stuck with any edits over the summer.

Just want to address when people say after reading a novella 'It's too short, should be longer' etc. Well, there has been a shift in the epub world, a few epublishers are putting a cap on the word limit for future submissions. Decadent is not accepting anything over 50K, Silver is not accepting over 45K. (just a couple of examples)Whether this is permanent or just temporary, remains to be seen. Novellas and short stories are here to stay.  If you are a writer, be sure and check a publishers submission guidelines, they change constantly.

 It always burns me when I see someone rate a book low merely because 'it wasn't long enough' or the writer 'disappointed' you because they switched genres. But then, I put very little faith in straight star ratings anyway whether its for a hotel chain, restaurant or movies or books.

So Paypal blinked when the credit cards companies came out and publicly stated they did not force Paypal to put in place their censor guidelines. They have backed off which means we will soon see "F**k me, Sugar Daddy Bigfoot' (or something similar) back on the bestsellers lists. To each their own. Goes to prove public pressure grease gets the job done. Most times. Paypal claims they are going to look at controversial ebooks one at a time and assess. This should be interesting. There is still more to come on this I think as they haven't backed off altogether.

Snow is melting this week, I can see the driveway, yay!

And what would my ramblings be without a slam at Facebook? God, if I see anymore pussy pictures with cutesy sayings, I will hurl. Besides the pet pics and the endless streams of self promotion, there isn't a whole lot going on lately. I left some groups, turned off notifications from others. I've come to the conclusion I don't like them. But then, I don't like forums either. I know, I sound like that old bag at the grocery store that complains the melons aren't ripe, but of all the social media, Facebook is at the bottom of my list. I only joined because I felt I HAD to, not because I wanted to. I will continue to check it out and post my own self aggrandizing promotional stuff, but lately its only been a few minutes each day.

Can't wait for spring, and am very excited about some projects I am working on. Have a great weekend~


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