Wednesday, March 21, 2012

My Writing: Hobby or Job?

This is what I write about. Hot, sensual romance. Which still blow my mind as I only started reading romance about six years ago. Did I have a moment where I said, "Yeah, I can do that!"

Not really. I never had much faith or confidence in my writing. (Though I am improving on a lot of fronts as time goes by) Perhaps that's why I think of it as a hobby.

The hubs argues with me, 'you get paid, its a job!' He has a point. But I argue, its not much, and not to brag, I don't really rely on this money to pay bills or need it to eat (thank the Gods).

I do this for fun, my own satisfaction. When it ceases being fun or I no longer derive any satisfaction out of it, I will no longer do it. I  guess you can say I'm retired. So I am able wile away my afternoons in front of a computer and indulge in my fantasies. If a publisher buys it and people read it and enjoy it, there is the satisfaction. But I have no illusions I will be one of the very rare individuals writing ebooks and making 5 figures every quarter.
First off, not to sound more selfish than I already do, I write for me, not the prevailing winds of the  ever changing romance/erotica market. As Cyndi Lauper says, "I just wanna have fun".

There are times when it feels like a damned job, editing deadlines and never ending promotional things. Wow, I guess it is a job. Can I think of it as both? I guess I want the option to think of it as a hobby, because if I were to think of this as a job or career, the stress would be too much to take. Also thinking of it as a hobby protects me from the nasty end of this, bad reviews, rejections, frustrating edits and strange encounters in social media. Frankly, I paid my dues in the workplace, 25+ years working in an office and in retail. I'm done. I know I am lucky I have my days to write and I am also grateful I am published.

To those who think of it as a job, that's great. My hat goes off to those who write full-time and put out multiple releases. We all have to find the pace and place we feel comfortable in. I found mine.
Yeah, this is a hobby.


  1. Wow that image is gorgeous and if you ask me, really does sum up what romance can be. Let me also say that your writing, your ability to tell a story that draws a reader into the world and the characters, is incredible. The fact that you love it, enjoy it, and are having fun with it shows in your work. And by work I mean writing! lol!

    I hope you never give up this wonderful hobby of yours.

    1. Thanks so much, means a lot! I love that image too~

  2. That picture is wonderful, it makes me wish to be swept of my feet....okay so the last time hubby got all mushy I smacked him but then I'm the cool logical one. But man I can dream.

    Only earning enough to pay the bills makes writing a job,the way I see it, if you enjoy what you do and make some pocket money then its a hobby (Says the one that's never liked any job she's had but done it for the money. Personally I love your hobby and also hope you never stop.

    1. Hey iron mum, great to hear from you! I love the image too, brings back memories, lol!

      Your bang-on I think, I don't make enough to pay any bills of consequence. Awww, thanks so much! Got lots of irons in the fire, so no sign of stopping yet!


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