Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Writing What You Love~And Another contract!!

When I look at how many books some of my colleagues are selling, it can be discouraging. As much as you wish them well and give them the much deserved congrats, you start to look at the product you are putting out there and wonder-what is wrong? The short answer is-nothing.

Standard M/F romance do not seem to be the hot sellers in the ebook romance world. Kink sells. It is not always the case, but it seems to be for the most part, true.

While it's great to be published, the market is flooded. Self-publishing has its merits, but also can be an open sewer for plagiarism, extreme erotica/porn and shoddy writing and editing. I'm no prude, but some of this stuff is sick. Rape or near-rape, incest and I could go on. And it sells.

People tell me, 'write a menage! or try m/m!'  Yes, I know they are popular, just look at some ebook distributors or publishers best seller lists. I have nothing against it. In fact, a couple of my paranormals I am working on have brief scenes of both of these because it fits with my paranormal world and its characters. Writing one for the express purpose of selling more books or making a list of some sort doesn't call to me. Also I don't think I could sustain the genre for a whole book.

I think a romance writer has to take a hard look at what they want to accomplish before they get in too deep with publishing. A lot of people have two or more pen names for various genres or levels of erotica. I decided early on I will be writing in multi-genres and my 'hot' level would be sizzle, not extreme. I also decided if possible, I am sticking with the one pen name.  I also decided that while great sales are fantastic, its not my main goal. If I sound like I am trying convince myself, perhaps I am.

You will drive yourself crazy if you worry too much about sales (or reviews, but that is a another topic) It causes stress, resentment and self-doubt. It's not worth it. The best way to sell books is to write another book. I firmly believe this.

So in that vein, I just signed my third contract for 2012! YAY!!! No, I am not writing up a storm. I have a backlog of manuscripts and only now am getting around to editing and submitting. BLACK DESIRE will be coming out in April, book 2 of my paranormal series. And it has the aforementioned menage scene! (very brief) Thanks to Evernight Publishing for continuing to believe in me.

Edits have arrived for Timeless Love, the less said the better! :D So I had better dash off!

The guy above?  Greek God model, Teo Theodordis! He was the inspiration for my hero in Black Desire, Tristan Black, from the silver eyes to the long brown hair.

Have a great week~


  1. Now, listen, Karyn! How is a girl supposed to concentrate on reading your blog post, when you stick him right at the beginning.

    *big grin*

    I completely agree with you btw. You have to write what you love, and you also have to write what you're comfortable writing. Whilst it's good to push your own personal writing boundaries - otherwise how can your writing evolve - you can't force them either. And I'm sure your readers would be able to tell, if you were pushing the issue for the sake of having something in a story that sells.

    Just my two pence worth. Now, get on with those edits! :-)

    1. LOL Doris, he is so beautiful!

      Exactly, the comfort level factors into it as well. I tried to force it, my attempt at a menage novella was comedic. But I did manage to write a brief scene in the paranormal so already I have evolved. You are bang-on about the rest. If a person loves writing M/M etc, that's great.

      Yes, edits. Off I go! Thanks for stopping by Doris! :D

  2. Oh wow that guy is gorgeous! and you signed another contract? Go YOU! wonderful! writing what you love sounds like a plan.


    1. He is beautiful, too bad he's in prison! :0 He was dealing coke, so much for his career.

      As I said, everyone has to find their own way. And thanks about the contract, though I think I better slow down! Cheers~ :D

  3. *bows down to you* You're such a source of inspiration for me, Karyn! I can't tell you that enough. Congrats on another sale!

    You are absolutely right about writing what you love. I think we all need the reminder. I know I'm always working to convince myself of that too even though I heartily believe it.

  4. Wow, thanks Nina~and the feeling is mutual. I know I need to remind myself of writing what I love constantly. I heartily believe it as well, or why bother doing this at all? :D Cheers~


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