Thursday, February 23, 2012

E-books, Censorship and Facebookitis

Well, I'll be honest, BLACK LUST did not take two years to make, probably less than two months, but the point is made.
For less than the cost of one of those calorie laden, sugar whipped coffee things, you can buy an e-book and support the author and publisher.
I will also admit, I didn't give piracy much thought until it happened to ME.
I already wrote my blog post on piracy. (HERE) Just think twice before hitting that 'download torrent' button.

Censorship is showing its nasty fangs in the ebook world the past week. Paypal has put the thumbscrews to ebook distributors about carrying 'objectionable' material. Yeesh. For example, Bookstrand sent out emails to all self-pubbed authors and informed them they were closing their accounts. First off, not all self-pubbed romance authors write porn. Let's call it for what it is, PORN dressed up as erotica. Did I like that I competed with some of this sludge in romance categories at ebook distributors? No, but I also am a firm believer in free speech. If some one wants to read 'F**k me, Sugar Daddy Bigfoot' (I hope that's not a title! :D) then more power to them.

To lump all self-pubbed romance writers in the same pot is wrong. I read on one writer's blog that her self-pubbed titles were older romance e-books whose rights were returned to her so she published them herself. Some titles had hardly any sex at all!
Where will it end, will menage be next? LGBT? No french kissing? Couldn't a compromise have been made? Not when corporate America speaks, apparently. The credit cards companies are squeezing PayPal, who are squeezing Ebook distributors who are squeezing authors. It's a slippery slope. Will PayPal be squeezing e-publishers next?
For anyone who writes outside the supposed romantic mainstream, I'd be worried.

I am suffering from Facebookitis. I can't take it much more. I left some groups, turned off notification of others and taking a bit of a break. Will only be on there when I have to be. Socializing or 'networking' with others writers/bloggers/reviewers and readers is a really good idea. But when borderline narcissistic personalities and extreme POV's make you grind your back molars, step away. Guess I am not keen on talking about anything personal on-line~TMI.

So, that's my ramblings for this week~

A little message from Chad and the Lads (Nickelback) When We Stand Together. Something to consider with this censorship rearing its hypocrisy filled head.


  1. I love your ramblings! wow, didn't know that about paypal. and thanks for the Nickelback video, good message!


    1. LOL! Thanks jaundyce! The paypal thing could be just the tip of the iceberg, makes me glad I write sort-of traditional romance. I love that song. Cheers~


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