Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Just received the cover art for Black Desire! It will be book #2 in my Blackthorne Clan paranormal series with Evernight Publishing. Can I This is the third cover in a row with cover model Jimmy Thomas, and I love that Evernight gave him brownish hair and a goatee like my hero, Tristan Black.
The first book in the series, Black Lust, concerned Lucius Black. This book is about his half-vampire father, Tristan and takes place in a fictional coastal town in Nova Scotia.

Below is the very unoffical blurb:

Tristan Black, of Blackthorne Clan, has known heartache and pain. He is a Dhampyre (half-Vampire) and most would say blessed with extreme longevity. Tristan would say cursed as he saw the long, slow decline and then death of his human wife of old age while he seemingly aged not a day. Now seventy years later, he meets Katrina Hammond who captures his attention.

Katrina is a romance writer on summer vacation visiting her cousin. She meets the mysterious and dangerously sexy Tristan.  Katrina now finds herself in the middle of a clash between the Blackthorne Clan and a pack of Thropes (wolf shape-shifters).
Can Tristan protect Katrina and can he protect his heart? 

She awakened in him feelings he thought he would not have again. These passions were considered by him to be little more than vampiric mythology. She awakened desire.

And can I just say...OMG that back!!



  1. Congratulations! Love the cover art. And, wow, how can anyone not love that picture! You're right, what a back!


    1. Eliza, how wonderful to hear from you! Thanks so much about the cover art, I do love it! lol about the back, I can't stop staring at it, cheers!

  2. drooling here, fantastic cover! Can't wait to read this and congrats, you are just steaming right along!


    1. I hear you about the drooling! I really hope you enjoy this, cheers and thanks jaundyce!

  3. Great looking cover Karyn! Oh yeah, that back, lol! I enjoyed the blurb too, think I'll be keeping an eye out for this one too. ;)

    Hope your doing well! :)

    1. Hi Jen, how wonderful to hear from you, thanks about the cover! My paranormals are not too supernatural, more romance than anything. You could eat dinner off that back! lol! Cheers~


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