Thursday, January 12, 2012


2012 is off to a great start! The Time travel sequel TIMELESS LOVE has been offered a contract from EVERNIGHT PUBLISHING!!

I wrote it in the fall then it got sidetracked from my paranormal and Xmas releases then the holidays (of which I took a deserved break) but I finally got it edited and submitted and happily, it has been accepted.

Above is model Kent Edwards. I mentioned in the fall he was my muse for my underworld enforcer hero, Joey Indelli. A better shot below of his face. The hair length is just as I described in the book.

This story follows the only female in the carriage when it is struck by lightning. She lands in 1969 and practically into Joey's lap. The setting for the story is also very special to me, I set it in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada. I was born there, but we moved away to Halifax, Nova Scotia when I was five.

I have many happy memories of many visits over the years as my extended family all still live there. So writing about the city was not a hardship in any way, it was a trippin' groovy skip down memory lane.

Tentative release month is March.

What the hell, one more picture of Kent! Yep, this is Joey all the way~

Can I get some SQUEEEES?



  1. fantastic news!

    I see now why you are taking down the other, Joey Indelli?
    Kent is gorgeous and congrats in what is shaping up to be a solid writing career for you, all the best and look forward to reading this!!


  2. Whoops for to SQUUUEEEEEEEE!


  3. that's supposed to be 'forgot' to squeee. got excited.

  4. Congrats and loads of SQUEEES! I am really looking forward to Timeless Love!!

  5. Congrats on Timeless Love! I can't wait. First I have to finish the Christmas novella (my books to read list is just way too long sometimes!). SQUEEE!


  6. Wonderful news for you and I see now why the sims stories have to come down. All the best for what looks to be a thriving writing career.


  7. jaundyce, exactly. It is not quite the same Joey from the other.

    Thanks very much, appreciated!

    and lol for the squees~

  8. thanks Gayl, I had fun doing this~ and yay for the squeees!


    I am BURSTING with anticipation! I can't tell you how much I'm happy for you! Way to go, Mama!

    Don't forget to stop by b2b on your blog tour, and shall I expect my copy for review soon :)



  10. Cool Eliza! Be sure and let me know what you thought of the Xmas short story, my author email is thanks for the SQUEEE!!

  11. thanks goldie, yes, they have to come down real soon and thanks for the best wishes!

  12. Oh cheers Mel, I will definitely be stopping by Bookworm on my little tour! I won't be getting the copies of the ebook until the night before the release date (which hasn't been firmed up yet as I have to do edits first!) But I will certainly let you know!!

    Thanks so much for the congrats~

  13. wow, I love the look of that model, he is Joey. All the best for your upcoming release!


  14. Congrats on the new contract, Karyn! Wishing you all the best in 2012!

  15. thanks so much Layna, same to you!!


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