Monday, January 16, 2012

Musings From a Snow Bank~

Outside my window, this looks about right snow wise, except for shirtless-ski-hunk guy, THAT I never see in this small town.

I have read in more than one place (Okay, groups in Facebook) That I should be using my blog/site to do more than promote myself. I should have personal posts. My question-why?

'your readers are interested in what you're up to' REALLY? Isn't talking about what I had for breakfast, ( A crunchie bar and tea) what the state of my health is (I am suffering from a sinus infection, so is the hubs, in fact he is worse off than me and home the rest of the week *groan*) really just promoting myself in another way?
I'm not comfortable with it. Never have been, not on-line. So it is a comfort level for different people and you can't force it.
Some people have no problem sharing when they had sex or if they're lactating, good on you mate, more power to you. I can't do it. Well, I'm not lactating anyway so it's a moot point. ;D

So I will try once in a while to write about something that interests me not about me specifically. Who really wants to know if I am doing a wash or dying my hair or baking an apple pie? Jaysus, even I don't want to know.
And my writing adventures are frankly, boring. Unless you want to hear about my grammar and punctuation woes!
So I will going forward be a little more proactive with my author blog.

Yeah. :D


  1. I wish I knew where you find all those hunk shots.

    It is hard for some people to make personal posts. And some people don't necessarily want to read them although they might be in the minority. You have never failed to entertain whenever you post so keep doing what you are doing.

    1. I just typed in 'sexy hunk in snow' in google images and viola! Well, that is my prime objective, entertain. I never did cotton to bleeding all over the keyboard but certainly understand some or maybe most people do need it. Cheers~

  2. OMG that's the first laugh I've had all day, er actually in days. Thank you. So how was your Earl Grey today?

    Frankly, muscles or not, that guy's making me colder than hell - I've been freezing all day.

    1. Earl Grey was hot, sweet and strong like he always is! Oh, you mean the tea! *snort*

      It took a cold dip here this week too. *brrrr*

  3. Karyn, this is actually a personal post. ;)

    You don't have to talk about what you had for dinner or your current knitting project. Just posting about you and your thoughts on whatever you're having thoughts on is actually personal. Did you like a movie? Did you enjoy a book? Do you have a funny story? Just how amazing is Canada anyway?

    1. I kinda got that by the end of the post, LOL! I will definitely be sticking to things that interest me, not about me specifically to be sure. Amazing Canada! A great idea for a post! We have universal health care! We have allowed Gays in the military for decades! But dang, it can be cold!

      Cheers Nina~


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