Friday, December 2, 2011

Gorgeous Hugh!

I am not exactly a Hugh Jackman fan, though I LOVE him in full bore Wolverine mode. But this older shot of him is gorgeous. Absolutely stunning! From his furrowed perfectly shaped eyebrows to his sculpted two week old beard and his luscious pink lips. Just enough chest hair as well. Love the hair length on his head, and the shade. Yes, I am drooling.~ (click on pic to see full size!)
Get this man on a romance cover!

So what is going on? Gearing up for my next release on December 18th, (Christmas Memories from Silver Publishing) have a few blog visits lined up. Can I say how great my fellow romance bloggers are? You rock! I wouldn't sell the few books I do if it weren't for bloggers getting the word out.

I am editing a short novella right now for submission, next in the queue, editing the sequel to my time travel and getting that submitted. My goal is to get these both submitted before Dec 23. Good luck to me! I am working at a comfortable pace.

Also, thanks to everyone who has bought my books or will in future. I truly appreciate it.

Have a good weekend~


  1. First of all, thank you for posting this shot because I love Hugh Jackman and that shot reminds me so much of Hunter. Hugh would be a perfect rake, rogue, scoundrel (thinking of Kate and Leopold)

    Best of luck on the edits and the upcoming release. I know it will be fantastic.

  2. Karyn, you're such an inspiration with how hard you work! Also, thank you for that Hugh Jackman pic. I'm not always a huge fan of his, but goodness, he is handsome.

  3. Oh cool, I could see Hugh in Hunter, big time. Kate and Leopold was cute, Hugh could easily fit in any era. I love how everything is brown in this shot, including his shirt.

    Ah thanks Gayl. Editing is so tedious. But I am plowing ahead, thanks so much~

  4. Aw, thanks for that Nina. I am lucky, I have my afternoons free to do this. I agree, not a huge fan but dear god he IS handsome, esp in this shot. Perfect features all in poetic symmetry. *snort*

  5. Oh Hugh, love him!

    Good luck with your editing and also the up coming release! :)

  6. the picture of Hugh is to die for, he is gorgeous is so right!!

    Really looking forward to the xmas story, and good luck with your submissions!


  7. Whew! I love Hugh Jackman, even more with long hair, a la his Van Helsing character. Thanks for the eye candy.

  8. Thanks Jen, This shot of him is perfect!

    And thanks about the luck, I will take all I can get!

  9. Jaundyce, he is perfect in this shot. I think I need to check out more of Hugh's movies besides the Wolverine ones!

    Thanks as always~

  10. Hi Wild!

    I have to admit, I do love longer hair on a man. I have tried for decades to get the hubs to grow his, no go, lol! Your welcome for the eye candy! And thanks for stopping by~


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