Thursday, November 24, 2011


It has been a good week all round since Black Lust came out.

The tour continues. The giveaway going-on at the moment is at PARANORMAL AND ROMANTIC SUSPENSE REVIEWS click HERE  to enter the giveaway. My deepest thanks to Terri for hosting me!

It runs until Dec 8th, be sure to fill out the form to enter the giveaway of a PDF copy of Black Lust.

I have a few more stops on my blog tour and a couple more giveaways before I am done. Also will be flogging my December Release "CHRISTMAS MEMORIES" from Silver Publishing at a couple of stops in December.

Also want to thank Marissa Dobson at Sizzling PR for setting up part of the tour. Saved me a lot of time and well worth the money. Check out the prices HERE

I took the 10.00 package for a ride, for the price of a club house sandwich I saved myself a lot of time. Half way through the tour and no complaints. Also booked a few stops on my own.

Had my first review for Black Lust, it received 5 stars. Obviously I don't expect the couple reviews I will get to be this glowing, but what a great kick out of the gate. Thanks Ronda! You can see it HERE

To add a little icing on the cake, Black Lust is an ALL ROMANCE bestseller. I know it isn't the NY Times best sellers list, but it is a list nonetheless. It is for a category, I think Suspense from what I can tell. There is a minimum threshold for sales and each category is different so looks like I crossed one. A low end one, lol! I will take the silver star and am very pleased.

I changed the name of my time travel sequel to TIMELESS LOVE now. Just started the editing process and in a couple of weeks, hope to submit. I am taking my time. Fingers crossed it is offered a contract.

Also, BLACK FRIDAY SALE!!! One day only at Evernight Publishing all ebooks are 50% off! Now is your chance to snap up Timeless Heart and Black Lust and choose some of the varied, very fine ebooks from a talented group of writers. Discount applied at checkout, only at Evernight's web site.


That's a lot of news, thanks to everyone who has purchased my new release, I truly appreciate it.

Have a good week~


  1. wow you had a pretty good week, congrats all around, can't wait to read this!


  2. It wasn't bad. lol! Thanks jaundyce~


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