Wednesday, November 9, 2011

FINISHED! Now what?

I started around October 12th, and with a week off from writing, I finished my work in progress today at 30,265. Not bad.

I had a lot of fun living in 1969 the past few weeks. Below is a shot of the 'uptown' as Saint Johners call it, circa late 60's. I had a nostalgic trip down memory lane setting my story in Saint John. I listened to '60's music on Itunes as I wrote, it helped.

What is the shot above for? Not a damned thing, I just like the look of him. *drool* Though, if he had black hair, he could be the hero of 'A Time to Love.'

Now comes the fun part, sending some out to my critter ladies to read, getting my hubby's feedback, major editing. I am a person who just sits and types, I don't edit as I go, so this will need some work.

Then in a few weeks time or more, submitting. *chews nails* Whether this story sees the light of day 'time' will tell. You never know.

I will be stepping back from writing for a bit, I have now NINE completed manuscripts of various lengths that need editing and/or reworking. Why sit on them? Polish them off and get them out there. I plan to do just that.

Meanwhile, I will bask in the satisfaction of typing 'the end'.

Have a good week and happy writing and/or reading~

Below are the songs mentioned in the story. Just the song titles, no lyrics! The Righteous Brothers song play a big part~


  1. Congrats on finishing another one! Karyn, you're definitely an inspiration when it comes to just writing and finishing stories.

  2. Hi Drew,
    Took a while for me to start typing this comment I was so busy ogling the guy - my God the abs on that man (Drool, slobber)my daughter thinks he's yummy too.

    I love coming to the end of a story but at the same time it's sad, after building and getting to know the characters like family you suddenly find yourself no longer part of them or their world.

    Like you I type first then edit, once I start to write I just keep going then read through several times to see if this goes with that and if I added this.... and so on.

    Good luck on your books and I look froward to reading them.

  3. Nina, thanks for that! I love typing the end, give me a real high, but now I have to step back a bit, the MS are piling up! I think I have been putting it off as I really don't like editing, too much like homework, cheers~

  4. Hey Iron Mum, I know the ABS!!! And his damned face when I finally looked at it, is perfection. I love that shape of face with the cheekbones*sigh*

    You bring up a good point, I was going to admit I teared up when I typed 'the end' in my post, but I will admit it here, for just the reasons you state. You are so immersed in their world, 'the end' is like saying good-bye. *wah*

    I do that to, read over bits to see if they connect, but I leave the editing until I am done or you get in that trap of rewriting the same chapter over and over.

    Thanks Iron Mum. Still have to pinch myself.

  5. You know what I have to say to "Now What?" right? The short stuff's great, but you really need to get some of those longer ones out there. You've learned so much, you'll love editing now. Honest.

    And this critiquie person once more wants to apologize for any delay, but for once I actually have a seriously decent excuse. :)

    As always, congrats on polishing off another one.

    You know, I always know when you've posted because yours is the only blog in my feed with half naked (or more) men. *snort*

  6. Yeah, I know. Hubs says the same. *snort* right, I will love editing. But I agree, I have learned a lot but still have more to learn.

    Oh, that speaks volumes on me, doesn't it? lol! Shameless old bag, that's me!



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