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Meet model Kent Edwards. (all three pics are Kent)

Perfect accompaniment to my post about Paranormal Heroes. (some of which was previously posted at my Romanorum blog)

In reading and writing in the paranormal genre, you realize everything has been done, many times.  There is a general accepted mythology for Vampires, Werewolves, Demons, Angels, Zombies, Immortals, Gods, shape-shifters etc. It is what little twist in the mythology a writer gives her story which can make it fascinating.

  But a big part of paranormals and their appeal is the hero.

Kent here on the left/above embodies that, dark, edgy, dangerous.

I am aware that not everyone is into Paranormals. Let's face it, vampires, werewolves and shape-shifters do not make for tender, cuddly hero-types.

Ah, but they do it seems. And therein I believe, lies the appeal. These guys are really no different from the world-weary soldier just home from war, perhaps scarred inside and out, the bored and decadent rake who sees no real purpose in his life, the rich and propertied duke who must marry to continue the line, duty and honor ruling and guiding his whole life.

These guys are all those things...and more. Dark and tortured goes without saying.

They are usually all 6'5 or taller, their bodies and faces would make Greek Gods weep, or romance cover models slink off in shame, not worthy being in these guys presence.

They are all hugely endowed, and in a perpetual state of arousal. They carry big weapons. Don't get me started on swords.

They usually have dark pasts, whether the curse of immortality, hence centuries of pain and loss tossed into the mix or their life state itself.

Complicating their lives is dealing with that life-state. The burden they carry, the agony of being a vampire, a were-wolf or a shape shifter. A curse. No one can know what they endure. So they shut themselves off, emotionally. Until they meet...her.

 And in almost all cases, 'her' is a human. Why these men are drawn to human females is perhaps to regain some humanity they lost long ago, if they had it at all. A human feels, shows emotion. Can touch one's heart.
And what human female would not want some hunk of man meat who would see to her every carnal need, who would turn out to be amazingly tender, love completely and unconditionally. Protect her with his life.

Okay, so he has this...thing. No one is perfect. So he changes into a werewolf once a month, or can shape shift into a Jaguar, or has this bug-a-boo with blood. We can work around that, right?

I would. In a New York minute. It's all make believe, fantasy. Another reason these appeal. The authors usually create amazingly detailed mythos and worlds to surround these dark, tortured hunks with making for an immensely rich and satisfying read.

And yes the love scenes are smokin' hot. As I said these guys have incredible stamina, barely containing the beast within. Come on ladies, that appeals in spades.

But what I believe is at the heart of these books is finding your true soul mate, the love of your life, who will understand and accept you for what you are. Unconditional love. So rare. And it all is an extension of the fairy tales of old. Kiss a frog, you get a prince. Same concept. Only this time you get the Prince of Darkness.

The human heroines in these books are not some wimpy little mice, they usually are defiant, and stand up to these man-beasts which appeals to them. But in the end? The women throw aside the shackles of their former lives to live with their new found love, and become part of his world. A real fairy tale ending.
Dark, sometimes violent. Intense and sometimes scary, Paranormals I feel, have something for everyone.

I had all these elements in my head when I created my own mythology and paranormal world. To say I wasn't influenced by Paranormals I have read would be a lie. I am constantly.

 In Black Lust, The hero is appropriately tortured. Lucius Black is a Quarter, (1/4 vampire.) Just enough humanity in there to make an intriguing mix with the beast within.

A secondary character Wolfram, Lucius cousin, is a Dhampyre (half-vampire) and part Werewolf. He too, carries a painful past.

Both men are thrown into danger from outside sources, and both meet women who will challenge them, and stoke their BLACK LUST.

What makes my paranormal unique? I wrote it. It's my world, my guys. I put my own spin on the mythology. Created my own terminology and rules. My vampires can eat a couple of meals a week. They drink, constantly. But it would take several bottles of Black Bush to feel any buzz at all.
All it takes is those little touches to make it yours. I am sure another author out there has vampires able to eat, like I said, everything has been done many times.
Ultimately it is the characters and the plots that fuel a paranormal.
With the tortured hero at the forefront.



  1. There are no new ideas, ever. Not really. What makes for unique writing is knowing what's out there and if it's an overused idea, what do you do to give a fresh and new spin? Your vampires have always been an interesting mixture of traditional with new elements added in. Mixing a vampire with a were is one of those interesting elements.

    Me, I wouldn't touch one of those guys with a ten-foot pole. Too much testosterone for me to live with.

    But, as I've always said, I live reality and write and read fantasy. I do so love them in my fantasy time. :)

  2. I am very excited to read this book! I love how you explained how you decided to do this book. For allowing us a glimpse of your world. This book sounds soo intriguing and can I just say how incredibly sexy this vamp is ;) .

  3. Oh drool!! he looks like a paranormal hero! Love your observations on a paranormal hero, everything you described appeals!

    Can't wait for your book to come out!


  4. Hmm yum, this is def going on my must read pile! Nothing quite like a tortured hero, especially a paranormal one :-)

  5. Absolutely Kim, Everything has been done no matter the genre.

    In RL? I probably wouldn't take on one of these guys either. I chose a school teacher. But oh, the fantasy element is fun.

  6. Thanks so much Nikki, O do love the paranormal genre, so many possibilities for a tortured hero! And you're right, it is incredibly sexy!

  7. Isn't Kent lovely? Those long legs...GAH! Thanks jaundyce!

  8. Doris I LOVE a tortured hero, and paranormal is perfect for these guys! Cheers and thanks!!

  9. My, my...Kent is a real looker!

    It's funny that I popped in here and saw this right now, as I'm currently watching 'Supernatural'. It's always nice to see a hunky paranormal hero...or two...or three.

    Looking forward to reading this story. :)

  10. Pene,

    Kent looks sexy and dangerous, doesn't he? And I will say again, Gah, those long legs!

    I LOVE Supernatural, really enjoying it so far this season. I'm a Dean girl.

    Thanks so much!

  11. Kent is smokin! So flawless! *wipes drool from mouth*...LOL.

    By the way, I'm a total Sam girl. Just so tall...and sweet...and yummy. :)

  12. Pene~

    I LOVE tall men and Sammy fits the bill. He's 6'5 and cute as the dickens. It's no accident all my heroes are well over 6 feet tall, LOL! Cheers~ And I Agree about Kent, Gaaaa.


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