Thursday, October 20, 2011


Meet Francis (Francesco) J. Cura, thanks to S-Tieh on Facebook, I have a name for the cover model for my Decmeber 18th Silver Publishing Release 'CHRISTMAS MEMORIES'.

The cover below will be used for all 25 short stories Silver Publishing will be releasing as part of their '25 Days of Christmas'. I am honored my sweet, sexy Christmas story was chosen.

What I also like is each short story will have it's own ISBN, in other words, it is a stand-alone, sold individually. I like that idea.

In my concentrated research on Francis (I know, hard work) I am always pleased to find that there is something more beyond the outward stunning looks.

Francis was born in 1977 in New York City,

He's an accomplished artist, with a degree as a Graphic Designer and Art History Specialist from a prestigious visual arts school in Europe, and a classically trained opera singer with a four-octave range.

Was voted the "Most Beautiful Guy" for two consecutive years at his high school of over 1,000 students. (Ooookay)

Guest spots in TV shows and in a few movies.

I am one of the more shameless for drooling over the pictures and I seem to be getting worse as I get older.

I cringe when I see some of the messages women leave on cover model's facebook pages. Yikes. hey I can admire their looks, body etc but I also appreciate their background, training and high work ethic.

Oi! Those eyes!
Keep up the hard work, Francis~

I will be getting the cover soon, it will look like this, only The title "CHRISTMAS MEMORIES" will be going where "Dreaming of a White Christmas" is, and my author name directly underneath it.

What is it about? Around 8200 words, takes place at Christmas Eve, my hero is feeling decidedly Grinchy with good reason, he takes a holiday trip with some friends to a wilderness Chalet hoping to banish Christmas memories of the past. He meets my heroine, can she help him banish those hurtful memories, remember the good ones, and build new memories for the future...together?

No, that's not the blurb, I just made that up. Just finished the first round of edits so things are progressing nicely.

Have a good week~

SQUEEEEE! Got the Cover Art~


  1. Well hell, if you can make up a blurb that good on the fly, can you help me with mine? lol! The story sounds great and I'm looking forward to reading it!

    And OMG those eyes!!! And well, the rest of him too, lol! Couldn't you just stare at him for an hour?!

  2. You really think so? Oh wow! lol! Blurbs are NO fun. I dislike almost as much as a synopsis.

    When I first saw the cover I thought "no way the eye color is real",but it is! No wonder he won 'beautiful guy'~ couple more shots to drool over at my sims site, cheers!

  3. Such beautiful eyes he has. Amazing Cover.

  4. The cover art is lovely! Wishing you all the best for another great release!

  5. Really love the cover art and the short little blurb you gave us. Sounds like something I would definitely read, I'll be adding it to my TBR pile when it's available! :)

  6. Oh boy, this is one time I'm actually counting the days till Christmas.

    Its not coming quick enough.

    Love the cover (drool)

  7. I love that last shot of him in that plaid shirt...stunning. I still want to know who that guy is on the bed with his hand outstretched...did we ever figure that out? I don't think it's Francis...

    You can sure find the drool worthy images, I will say that.

    Looking forward to the release!

    1. Andrei Andrei is with hand outstretched.

  8. thanks very much Michelle both Francis and the cover are stunning~

  9. Awww, thanks SB, much appreciated all around~

  10. Jen I think you would like this, and cheers! I hope you do enjoy it when it comes out Dec 18th~

  11. Thanks Iron Mum, it is a sweet story, but has some heat too, LOL! Cheers and thanks!

  12. Gayl, I still don't know who that is on the bed. The lady who identified Francis for me might know, I should send her a PM on FB.

    Thanks, I have the time to look for the drool worthy images, lol! Gives me something to do. Thanks so much~

  13. He's very pretty, Karyn! I might have to feature him on Monday Man Candy one of these days. :)

  14. Thanks Ing, he is rather pretty indeed! LOL Cheers, would love to see him featured on your man candy posts!

  15. WOW! He is the hottest hunk I have ever seen! Think of coming back to a cottage in the cold, snow covered mountains to then find a warm naked Francis J Cura in bed!


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