Thursday, September 1, 2011

Baseball Players~Romance Heros?

I have noticed a trend, sport romances have really taken off. With more and more women watching AND enjoying professional sports it is a natural transition to want to read romances with sports stars as the heros.

I will focus on baseball as that is the sport I follow. I watch every Red Sox game. Have I had a few heated dreams about certain players? *cough* of course!

The book on the left, I bought it this summer. It is in my TBR pile. I will be honest and say I bought it for the cover and yeah, it's about baseball. Look at that pose! Like a Highlander with his sword. Only now it's a bat.

The possibilities are endless. Any of the dark tortured hero types could apply to sports stars. The lonely life on the road. The devastation when a career is cut short. The disappointment of a pennant race that slipped through your fingers. And let us not forget ballplayers are rich!

Instead of a rich, cool Regency rake, why not divorced, lonely Red Sox catcher at the end of his career?

A critique buddy and friend GAYL TAYLOR is writing a baseball romance/erotica at the moment and what I have read so far, it is wonderful! You go, girl!

I still say they should have shirtless Sundays throughout the MLB. For the players, not the fans, lol!

A few more recent covers of baseball romances~


  1. Karyn, thank you so much for the mention! I love the sport of baseball as you know and have had my share of fantasies that involved a player or two.

    Those covers, especially that first one, are wonderful! Hoping I will be designing one myself in the near future...

  2. You are welcome! Oh so glad I am not alone about the ball player dreams! I love the Blaze cover, Highlander with a baseball bat!

    I know you will be having a cover like this, real soon~


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