Wednesday, August 31, 2011


How can I do a post without adding a shot of a hunk? I can't. I admit this is the type of guy that floats my boat. *drool*

So just what do I mean about 'finding my way?'

I am learning where I fit in and where I don't and this encompasses writing. I will never be a full-bore erotica writer. I can't see me trotting out the sex toys or inviting 3 or 4 or more guys in the room to tie me up and spank me with a fly swatter. Not for a whole story at any rate. All the best to those who write and thrive in these sub-genres. While I don't mind reading it, I found I really can't write it.

So I will stick to my hot, sensual love scenes and the 'traditional' way in which I approach writing romance. If that is 'boring' to some then so it shall be.

Someone asked on twitter who determines if a book is an erotica or not, what is the threshold for 'hot'? I answered it is up to the publisher and ultimately the distributors. That is JMO however. My ebook 'Timeless Heart' was labelled as an erotica. It does have hot love scenes but none of the bolder stuff.
I had no problems with it being labelled as such. Erotica does not necessarily mean 'kinky'. Everyone has their own idea of what is kinky and what isn't anyway.

Will I ever push that envelope and try the erotica sub-genres? Never say never. In the paranormals I am working on I do have two guys kissing and a brief menage fantasy but that was it. For now that is my comfort level.
If selling books was my primary reason for writing, I could attempt a menage. Wow, VERY popular. And some are fantastic.
But it is not me.
And I am happy I am slowly finding my way~

Cheers and have a good rest of the week~


  1. lol! A fly swatter? that's funny. glad to hear you are 'finding your way'!


  2. That was my point, whatever floats your boat, in reading, writing or...otherwise. LOL! Cheers and thanks~

  3. A fly swatter! hell no but I do have a thing for men in uniform, as I tell my daughter which winds her up no end - theirs the police who provide hand cuffs, Paramedics who come with their own beds and then my personal favourite, the soldier because they have huge...guns (Wink)

    I do see your point though, I will enjoy any book if it is written well erotic or not but writing the stuff - defiantly not for me and if your not comfortable writing it I think it would show, at least for me it would.

    Oh boy, that man is a hunk (looks at hubby who just turned 60.... sigh)

  4. LMAO! I love that Iron Mum!

    I so agree, as long as it is well written and well plotted, I can read most kink. But writing? Not for a whole book, not for me. And I think you are right, it would show.

    LOL again! I know, we can dream though *looks at own hubby*


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