Friday, August 26, 2011

The Benefits of a Break~

Okay, I promised to try and get pics of hunky guys at the beach, this was the best I could do without coming across as some old debauched slag. I could have pressed the zoom button but I wanted to snap the pic while they were not looking. The guy leading the pack was a little skinny, but wow his two friends following behind! Behind my sunglasses, I certainly enjoyed their volley ball game...*pant* (click on pic to see full size)

Other than that, not too many beach beefcake to be had. A lot of beer guts however. As you can see it was a beautiful day at Bayswater Beach in Nova Scotia.

I LOVE the beach. We sat under a beach umbrella in beach chairs, talked, read and napped, listened to the waves and the laughter of children and the caws of seagulls. And the sound of a volleyball hitting solidly muscular arms, lol!

The break did me a world of good as the last few months have been surreal and nicely strange. I didn't write, I relaxed and enjoyed life and my loved ones. I decided I will be going at my own comfortable pace with regards to writing. I refuse to stress myself out over anything to do with the world that surrounds it. All I have to do is imagine myself back at Bayswater. Easy.

Cheers and hope everyone had a good summer~


  1. So glad your back and the shots are beautiful, especially of the hunks, lol! Looks like a beautful beach and glad you had a relaxing time


  2. Glad you enjoyed your break.The beach is definitely he place to go for(for hunks)your description made my sigh and dream in the 'I wish' department.

  3. I also love the beach although you have to drive a fair distance to find one that doesn't make you want to wear mittens and cable knit sweaters.

    You were missed and it is great to have you back!

  4. The last guy in line's not too shabby to look at. ;) The second picture is just beautiful.

    Seagulls, oh please let me send you some so you can have them almost year round (they lay low in the winter). They are nothing but a pain. They shout "mine, mine, mine" all the time, they dive-bomb food in the street, they overrun parking lots looking for food. And my personal favorite, the crap on me. Seriously, while taking a lunch break in the park sitting at a picnic bench in a white dress one crapped in my lap. Driving down the road, my elbow out the window, perfect landing on my elbow. Needless to say, I find no romance in the buggers.

    Welcome back! And please if you take things a little slower, and write a little slower, I might actually feel like I'm making progress. :)

  5. Thanks you jaundyce, I did have a a nice time. I find the beach so relaxing. When I lived in Nova Scotia, I took it for granted, not that I don't, I miss it horribly~

  6. Aww, thanks about the description. I am glad I got the beach at least twice. Cheers Iron mum, holidays can be an illusive thing~

  7. Thanks Gayl, missed you all too. A decent beach is a fair drive from Halifax, but as you can see this one was worth it. Some days on Nova Scotia beaches you need the cable knit sweaters as well...brrr.

  8. Oh Kim, the third guy was gorgeous too, hard to see in the pic. He was the most stunning, hell of a volleyball player as well~

    LMAO! I hear you about the seagulls, they are annoying as hell. I have another pic of a bunch fighting over chips a kid spilled on the beach. Yeah, they were shouting 'mine, mine, mine' They are everywhere in NS. Even where I am at, we have them at certain times of the years. The ocean's garbage cans.

    I am trying REAL hard to slow down, lol!


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