Friday, July 15, 2011


Shameless beyond belief, can't resist another shot of the same model I am using for my inspiration for my paranormal hero in Black Lust. After searching the net, I found his name, Micheal David Barre, and OMG, he is only in his twenties! (I feel like some old skag drooling over this guy, he could be my son! ewww) Yes, this is how I spend my time, *snort*.

This is a big thank you. I got my first royalty statement, and I must say I was surprised and pleased. No, I didn't set the romance world on fire. But, I outdid my own expectations (Which I admit, I did set fairly low) For an unknown debut author, not shabby at all.

It's a big pond with a lot of fish. It's getting bigger all the time. With all the e-publishers out there and more starting up, it's a great time to be a romance writer of any sub-genre. Opportunities abound. If you're looking to get published in this genre, NOW is the time. Go for it. If you are expecting to make big bucks let me tell you now, you won't. Even most of the print writers with the New York publishers keep their day jobs. But if love to write, tell stories, and view being published as the icing on the cake, a dream to pursue, then DO it.

So thank you to everyone out there who bought Timeless Heart. People I didn't expect bought it and even read it! THAT blew me away. I won't forget who you are. And when the time comes for YOU to be published, I will be right there cheering and supporting you right back. My word.

Cheers and again, my humble thanks~


  1. Congrats, your book was wonderful, such emotion and feeling, not just hot sex, though there was that too! lol! Look forward to more!


  2. Hello you lovable Minx!

    You're welcome! ENJOY and wishing you a wonderful swim out of the 'pond' into the 'stream' then the 'river' and while you get to the 'ocean' you'll have the chops of a 'BARACUDA' so they better watch out!

    Looking forward to the next Time Travel Novella ;)

    Melanie from

  3. Thank you jaundyce, that means a lot to hear that!

    I am not a flat-out erotica writer, 'hot sensual' is more my speed, LOL! Cheers~

  4. Hey Melanie!

    Awww, thanks so much. LOL! If I ever reach the ocean, I will be well pleased~

    Hoping to plan and plot out the next time travel this fall, cheers~

  5. Hum, guess that only makes one of us surprised, because I'm not. Always said you can tell a rockin' story. :)

    Once again, congratulations. Bet there are going to be people dying to read Black's story once they know just who he is. ;)

  6. Awww, thanks Kim. You have been a real rock and support. Truly. Pushing me forward, talking me off the ledge (the few times I was out there)

    Hope so! Cheers and many thanks~

  7. Well done Karyn! So happy for you!

    Can't believe that sexy fellow above is only in his twenties! My oh my... ;)

  8. Well done and here's to many more books to come.

    Now back to drooling over that man, wow is he hot, sizzling.

  9. Oh thanks so much Jen,

    I know, talk about virile masculinity. Yow! I couldn't have read that right, he looks like a mature 35 to me! LOL!

  10. Oh cheers Iron Mum, I hope so! LOL!

    Isn't he just stunning? Rugged and handsome, without being a pretty boy. I love that! He has been some great inspiration for my hero!

  11. You know I made a mosaic for one of my characters and I just realized that model (you already know I adore him) looks like he may be in one of the images I used.

    You have such a way with words and I know that we will see more wonderful stories from you. You deserve the kudos and I hope you have continued success.

    Looking forward to Black Lust!!

  12. Gayl, that is so cool. He is VERY muscular, but on the right man it works. It works here. He has a classic handsomeness as well, from another age, very Clark Gable.

    Oh wow. I am seriously tearing up, thank you. I didn't do too bad considering better than I expected. But as I said, I set the bar LOW. LOL!
    Cheers and many, many thanks~


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