Wednesday, June 29, 2011


You knew I couldn't put up a post without a sexy guy image.

I warn you, I am getting worse the older I get.

So what HAVE I learned?

My ebook debut has been out now for over 1.5 months. No, I didn't set the publishing world on fire. I didn't expect to.

Until I get my 1st royalty statement later in the summer, I have no idea what I've sold. Novel Rank at Amazon is not accurate, from what I've heard. The consensus is you have sold more than what it shows. Thank God if that is the case.

But looking at some other books out at the same time, I did better than some, not as well as most. For a debut, unknown author, not bad.

I learned do not look at best-selling lists at various ebook sellers. There is no way in hell my 3.99 novella can compete with .99 cent or free reads. Ain't gonna happen.

I learned the romance community is even more supportive than I originally thought. People stepped up to the plate for me, extremely busy people. I will never forget who supported me through this plunge into icy, deep water. Never.(and all those in the sims community as well, you guys rock!)

I learned not everyone is going to like your story. I handled it better than I thought I would. Kudos to me.

I learned that getting a message on Facebook or Goodreads telling me they enjoyed my book means more than anything. It really does.

I learned trying to write leaning toward a popular sub-genre doesn't work for me. Nor does trying to jam a story into a shorter format. I have learned not to rush, slow down, write with purpose and focus.

I learned people really appreciate it when you acknowledge every tweet, comment, posting and message. Be supportive to others, they will return in kind. For the most part.

I learned the best thing out of all this, was hearing the hubs tell me he was proud of me. And that he loved me.


NOTE: I am going to indulge and order a mug with my TIMELESS HEART♥ cover on it, also an 11 x 14 print of the cover I can frame. Why the hell not? Savor and enjoy the moment.


  1. Did you write something? Because I am still staring at that pictue, omg!!!!!

    You seem to be in a good place over all this, and awwww about the hubby.


  2. Sorry, I meant picture, see how flustered I was?

  3. I agree about that picture...are those mini handcuffs dangling around his neck? Guess you can tell where my mind is.

    Karyn, the most important thing is to savor this moment. There will be many more for you. And as supportive as you are, you deserve that in return and then some. Most especially you are lucky to have a loving supportive man to encourage you.

  4. Thanks Jaundyce.

    Hubby is a big support. And oh yeah that picture. I like to think I am in a good place, like mot mortals, I have my good and bad days.

  5. Gayl,

    LMAO!!! And he has a riding crop stuffed down the front of his pants. I thought it was a can opener, or dog tags myself~

    SO true. Savor. If there are more movements, great, if not, I'm cool.

    Awww *sniffle* I will remember that when he annoys the hell out of me. Thank YOU Gayl, for everything.

  6. Sorry jaundyce, that is MOST mortals, not mot. Yeesh.

  7. Well I couldn't keep my eyes from lowering long enough to really focus...

    *runs to look at hubby's old PD hand cuffs*

    you're most welcome Karyn.

  8. Gayl,

    *Snort* and just where to you keep those that tat on his arm, Navy Seal?

  9. yummy -- you do find some nice decoration ;) for your posts. so nice I almost forget to blink ;) new hero found dreams -- thanks :)

    Congrats again and keep enjoying & relishing each moment. You deserve it.

    While you indulge in coffee mugs & posters, I hope you'll excuse me while I go indulge admiration of the scenery.

  10. gamistress,

    I do love to decorate the posts with the hunky men. Oh good, hope he visits your dreams.

    Thanks so much, I am enjoying it while it lasts, that's why I am getting the poster and mug to remind me! Cheers~

  11. I have done the same, Karyn. All my covers I've printed out in color and framed them. My own little wall of accomplishments.

  12. Hi Madison!

    Oh wow, I hope someday to have a wall of accomplishment too, well done! Even if I have only this one cover, I will be pleased~ Cheers for stopping by~


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