Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Tomorrow I will be at THE SEASON
talking Time Travel and a giveaway of TIMELESS HEART! ♥


I have been doing a few reviews a month at The Season for almost a year, great bunch of reviewers and Beverley Kendall is a talented author and supportive lady.

 On June 10th I will be at The Romance Bandits hosted by best selling author Anna Campbell and all round gregarious and lovely lady!

Her interview was loads of fun, bring the drinks and the confetti, we have another giveaway! There is always fun to be had in the lair!

This is the first romance blog I ever visited and I am beyond thrilled the ladies there are giving my ebook the spotlight.

On June 19th 2011 I will be at The TBR Pile for a giveaway, and the review will be posted *bites nails*
Be sure to stop by, comment, and maybe win a free PDF copy! This is a new blog and I like that these ladies give honest reviews!

 And On June 21st, I will be at The Romance Dish, another group of lovely, gracious ladies! More chatter about Time Travel, and yes!
Another giveaway!

And I would say that is a wrap for visits for Timeless Heart. My sincere thanks to those who extended invitations or agreed to my requests!

Thanks to HEA Reviews, Lovin' Me Some Romance, Happily Forever After, Xondra Day, Alex O'Hurley and Carol Rosewood for hosting me In May! And a special thanks to Barbara from Happily Forever After for giving my site that polished look it desperately needed.

I am a debut author, it is easy to get lost in the flotsam, but I have been astounded at the support I have received. You truly know who your blog buddies are.


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