Thursday, June 2, 2011


Whoa. Jimmy Thomas, hot cover. Hey, Jimmy and I are 'friends' on facebook, (with thousands of others) *lol* Seriously, this is one hard working guy, has his own business. With the Epub and self pubbing explosion, shrewd of him to start his own romance cover images business. Go Jimmy.

New cover with Paul Marron, some people complained they didn't like the shorn locks on his head, it could be digitally changed, even so, who in hell is looking at his hair?? One of the best chests and abs (and cheekbones) in the business, big honking sword a bonus.

I have a real fondness for Harlequin Historicals and their covers. I just read this, out in July. I am also a sucker for the governess plots, call it my 'Jane Eyre' syndrome. And I am a sucker for the poofy shirt, lace cuffs, the whole bit. Looks sexy. Big honking signet ring a bonus. Love the sly, sensuous look this model is giving.

Of course, I have to include a Highlander/Scottish theme. Jeez, I still have Karen's previous book in my TBR pile, 'One Night in Scotland' that I haven't got to yet. I love covers that show the whole hero, no cut off heads. Again, the poofy shirt with the lace cuffs *sigh* (wonder if I can order the hubby one? Would have to shave his chest first) Big honking sword and windblown hair a must. Open shirt is a given. Love the colors in this, with the ship in the background, and the tartan.

Bonus Highlander shot. Why? Because, damn, I love it. (wonder if I can order Hubby a kilt?)

Have a good weekend~


  1. Can I just say I would love LOVE Jimmy on my cover...I read his bio/profile on Facebook. The guy has brains that go with the brawn. Makes him thousands of times more desirable IMHO.

    And Paul...I can't help but think of him as Jim Heron in Fallen Angels. But that cover...yeow!!!

    I adore these posts.

  2. Gayl,

    So would I. And I agree about Jimmy. He went up quite a few notches in my book. Plus he seems sweet and very patient with all the gushing~

    I have GOT to start that series by JR Ward, Birthday is coming up, I know I will get $$, so I should put those books at the top of my list!
    And yeah, Paul. *drool*

    Thanks! I know some people aren't much for drooling like this, glad you are!

  3. Oh my God! Jimmy Thomas what a hunk and the last fella the Highlander, drool, slobber hell do I want him.

    I know for a fact my Highland hubby would not look good in a kilt, (Images flashing before eyes making me cringe) Believe me when I say their for the fit toned bodies out there but I'm sure I have a photo of my brother in full highland dress somewhere, if I find it I'll post it but be warned he's a skinny runt, lol

  4. I like this stuff too!

    Oh wow that first cover is hot. So is the second. But I really like the governess cover, that is great. I love the look on his face too.

    Dark haired highlander, wow. Thanks for this!


  5. LOL Iron Mum!

    LMAO about your hubby! You know 25 years ago, my hubby could have pulled it off, not so much now. But then, I don't look the same either!
    If you find the shot of skinny brother, do post! I love that whole highlander look! Cheers mate~

  6. jaundyce, glad you like it too, that makes a few of us, anyway. Oh glad to hear you liked the governess cover!
    Dark haired anything, OK with me, thanks!


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