Thursday, June 23, 2011

Come to Bed~ A Birthday Present To Myself~

While the cake is in the oven (Yes I am making my own birthday cake, can't stand those store bought things) Thought I would slap up some pics.  Go with a bed theme. I don't know, to me, nothing sexier than finding a man all tangled up in the sheets, preferably YOUR sheets.

This shot is from Jimmy Thomas Calendar and has been used on some ebook covers. The man does not take a bad picture, or if he has, I've never seen it.

Below, pensive, moody evocative shots of pensive, moody evocative men~

<Whoa, how did a pic of the hubby get on here?

*snort* you know I am kidding.

Had a good week, went from 9600 words to 16380 words. Getting there. Overwhelmed by all the birthday wishes on Twitter and Facebook, thanks everyone.


Cake's done, gotta go~


  1. like your idea b-day gifts. feel free to send me one on my b-day ;) Hope it was a great day starting off a great year for you.

  2. Whoa I love that second to last shot...

    Enjoy that cake and happy birthday!!

  3. You are so shameless Karyn. ;) I gasped all at every one of these shots! lol

    Happy Birthday, hope hubby spoilt you!

  4. I agree with Jen, these shots took my breath away!! Especially the 5th one!! *picks up jaw off keyboard* WoW!!

    Happy Birthday!!! Hope you have a great one, you deserve it!

  5. Thanks Gamistress~

    I will bundle up the guy of your choice and Fed-ex him on your birthday~done!

    I hope the next year will be a good one as well, cheers and many thanks for your good wishes~

  6. Gayl,

    I love that shot too, added it permanently to my blog. The guy has gorgeous hands! I just want to suck on those fingers...never mind.

    Cake turned out great, cheers~

  7. LOL Jen, I am shameless, and I seem to be getting worse the older I get, oh dear!

    Hubby was a doll, as always, cheers~

  8. Jari, I know! That fifth shot has me drooling as well. Love a long hunk of man with muscular legs and sexy big feet! LOL!

    We need a sexy man/bed posebox for our sims, I would love to see a few in that #5 pic *cough* Nolan *cough* Cheers and thanks~


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