Thursday, May 26, 2011

Thursday Man Love...Nathan, My Nathan...

Nathan Kamp is aging nicely. I LOVE this upcoming cover for Lavinia's Oct 2011 release. He is easily sliding into 40 if he isn't there already, and can I say good! Look at this cover, the deeply carves lines around the mouth, the lines around the eyes, wrinkles on the forehead. I love they didn't airbrush any of that out! I like a man with a little character on his face!

And bonus chest hair! *faints* Just enough, something we don't see enough of on romance covers in JMO. And I love the poofy shirt, lace cuffs, collar and all.  Sexy, sly smile too. Just perfect.

Here is one of my favorite covers on one of my favorite books (If you haven't read this Anna Campbell classic, God, do!)  I would KILL to have those lips. Gorgeous. Cover Models abound, and I have some other favs like Paul Marron, Jed Hill and Jimmy Thomas, but Nathan, will always be my fav.  Unfortunately, they don't seem to use these guys much once they get into their 40's, too bad. A little gray at the temples? Laugh lines? Sexy as hell.

Have a good week~


  1. Nice, real nice, looks at hubby then back at Nathan.....sigh.

    I agree though once men get to a certain age you rarely see them, pity really as there are some of us that while we appreciate a young fit fella we prefer our men to be men besides they have far more experience(wink)

  2. OMG~ LMAO!! I have done that too, poor hubby, but let's face it, most men do not look like this.

    Since we are of a similar age, I so agree. Young studs are fine, but I like my wine aged nicely. Same with my men. *snort*

    Thanks for stopping by~

  3. Oh wow, I love the look of him on the first cover as well, looks wicked and sexy and I agree, show those lines and wrinkles! Great cover!
    He is gorgeous, I would love to have his bone structure, not fair!


  4. Hey, thanks, Karyn! That is a lovely cover, isn't it?

  5. jaundyce, not fair he has those lips either, wish I could rip them right off and use them for myself.

    Maybe someday, publishers will open their eyes to the fact it is mostly middle aged ladies reading these books and we want to see men of a similar age!
    I can dream~

  6. Hi Anna!

    Oh yeah, lovely cover to a lovely book. I think it is time I visit Julian again...*sigh*


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