Tuesday, May 17, 2011

So it has been a week~

Or there about. How do I feel now that my ebook is out there for the world to look at? A part of me feels like a tortoise that has been flipped over on it's back, the underbelly exposed. I have steeled myself for any reviews, hey, you can't appeal to everyone. But I am hoping my short novella will appeal to a few.

As for Jerrod Ross, my time traveling hero from 1821? The few people I did hear from, love him. And that has me tickled pink. I admit a fondness for the hero in anything I read. I always love the hero POV, and it seems where I am most comfortable writing from. A lot of TIMELESS HEART ♥ is done from Jerrod's POV. Just the way I roll.

I will share a picture I looked at constantly while writing Timeless Heart. This to me...is Jerrod. Pretend the hair is pulled back in a queue/cue/ponytail.

There is a scene in the novella where Jerrod wears nothing but a towel...here ya go. *sigh*

So what is ahead?

This weekend I will be at 'Lovin' Me Some Romance'
Where VampFanGirl will be hosting. And yes, a giveaway!

I have a few other blog visits in the works, one I am also looking forward to is Romance Bandits where the incomparable and talented Anna Campbell will host me on June 10! Can I say I am floored?
Anna Campbell inspires me on so many levels. Plus she is funny, generous and one hell of a writer.

One weird part, family (aunts, cousins and OMG my MOTHER) buying my book and reading it! My father is teasing me that he will be reading it! Noooooo daddy! Please don't! *blushing*

I want to thank everyone who emailed, tweeted, left messages on Facebook etc on my release day. I really, really appreciated it. I was deeply touched by all the good wishes.



  1. Now that I have lifted my chin off the keyboard and toweled off the drool...

    I can only imagine how you are feeling. I would still be on those clouds walking in air and you should be too! And OMG Anna Campbell? Cannot wait for that interview!

    You have worked hard for this, done your due-diligence, and made it happen. You should be happy and you should know we are all thrilled for you.

  2. Jerrod has me going gaga, I keep looking at my poor Hubby and wishing.... sigh and that pic you have is definitely how I would imagine him, tall, taught and.... down girl.

    Families have a habit of doing that, mine all bought the book my eldest had her first poem in and the next.... We do it in pride and support,
    I'm sure your mother will love the book as after all that's what mums do, I'd be delighted if mine read my stories and as for my dad, well he didn't read unless it was a car manual.

    The book is fabulous and wonderful written and as Gayl above says we are all thrilled for you.

    Well done.

  3. Wah! I didn't win the draw, but I will buy my own copy, especially after seeing this picture, oh wow, this is your hero? Beautiful.

    And good luck on your sales and your blog visits, have fun!


  4. Yum...now I have an even better image of the hero. I got the book the other day and finished it last night. Amazing, I loved it. And now that I see this picture, I may have to re-read it with him in mind!

    Congratulations. It was a beautifully written book. Oh, and Anna Campbell? That's fantastic. I'm sure it will be an amazing experience.


  5. This guy is very sexy. He looks a bit like an Aussie footballer, lol!

    Again, well done Karyn. You deserve it! Oh and I finally got around to purchasing a copy of your book, just paid for it then. Look forward to receiving it in the mail! ;)

  6. Gayl, isn't he Jerrod all over? Stunning.

    I am walking on clouds, still pinching myself, it happened so fast. I know! I love Anna Campbell! I can't wait to see what she has cooked up for me!

    And again, your support has me floored. It means more than I can say.

  7. LMAO Iron Mum, let's face it, real men, even our beloved hubbies, don't look like this. This is fantasy, big time. I thought this shot fit my description!

    I agree about the family, aunts who don't even read romance bought it, to show their support *wipes away tear* It does mean a lot.

    Thanks again about the book, so thrilled you liked it!

  8. Thanks jaundyce! I will be having another giveaway Sat at the blog mentioned above.

    Thanks for all your support as well!

  9. Oh wow, I am so touched all my blog buddies are buying copies of my ebook, thank YOU Eliza, for the support for this and my sim story as well. It means a lot.
    I am so glad you enjoyed it. Anna Campbell is wonderful. If I can be half the writer she is, I would be best pleased.

  10. Jen, it wouldn't surprise me if this towel hunk was an Aussie footballer. There are no ugly men down under, at least, not from what I have observed!

    Let me know when you read it, what you think, and thanks so much for buying a copy *beaming* You are great, mate, truly.

  11. So it turns out I was buying a PDF copy, lol! I didn't realize, silly me. Received the link to dld via email today though and I will get stuck into it tonight, hopefully. :)

  12. Oh Wow Jen, yes, this is strictly an ebook, not print, Oh dear, hope you weren't too disappointed. Do tell me what you think when you finish, it is an erotica, so *sizzle* LOL!

  13. I just finished reading Timeless Heart, couldn't put it down. Excellent read, truly. I am completely wooed!

    From the first chapter, I fell in love with Jerrod's character. He is the perfect hero, gives the word 'passionate' a whole new meaning!!

    You have such a beautifully descriptive writing style, every scene came alive as I read. Even the time warp description in the first chapter, loved how you handled that!

    I have to commend you on writing erotica and doing it so well! It takes the boldest of writers to piece together intimacy the way you did. Bravo!

    I enjoyed every minute of Timeless Heart. I hope you continue to publish as I'll be around to support all you do! ~Jari

    P.S. What a hunk!! He is perfect as Jerrod. OMG look at those abs! *fans self* ;)

  14. Ohh, did I mention I had tears in my eyes by the end? He choose Sandra over the only life he has ever known. How amazingly sweet is that?! I'm such a sucker for happy endings like these. Warms my heart!!

  15. Jari, I cannot begin to tell you what this means. I really appreciate you took the time to not only buy and read the ebook, but to then tell me what you liked about it.

    I am so glad Jerrod captured your attention right from the first, he did mine as well. Of course, you can tell by my blog story, I love focusing on the guys!

    And thanks about the writing style, and that it came alive, oh wow, that is so good to hear!

    The erotica part sort of ties in with the discussion at your blog, how far do you go? As you see for Erotica, you go pretty far, LOL! I shocked myself that I was able to write these scenes, but I don't want any erotica I do to be just soft porn, I want that romance angle always at the forefront.

    I am so very pleased you enjoyed, You just made my week! And Oh yeah, that guy is Jerrod.

    And wow, tears! Again, glad the romance worked, and he is sweet! Listen, I am a sucker for the happy ending too! All the way.

    Thanks so much for this Jari!!


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