Friday, May 6, 2011

REAL LIFE HEROES~ Navy Seals Anyone?

No, this isn't a romance cover model for a paranormal romance, but a real life Navy Seal getting ready for a mission a few years back in Iraq. Photo published in the NY Times. Yow. You can see why twitter has been lit up all week about Navy Seals heroes, and yes, they have been the subject of romance novels and you can bet they will be going forward in a big way.

Damn, I love muscular back shots.  These guys are the elite of the elite. Every country has a unit like this. In the U.K it is SAS, here in Canada it is CSOR, they are all heroes. Anyone who serves their country in my eyes, is a hero, elite squad or no.

The appeal romance wise is these guys are usually lone wolves, seen and done too much, closed off emotionally. Weary, cynical and bitter. Until the meet...her. Yep, it appeals. But you could use this description for the detached Regency rake, or the isolated, haunted vampire, or yeah...that battle weary Navy Seal.

I love heroes, real life and romance fiction.

Bring 'em on~


  1. Hubba Hubba, what a shot I'm drooling. The scope of use for these men is mind boggling but your right, male or female they are all heroes.

    Its strange but for some reason I keep going back to that pic, I wonder why.....

  2. Oh my. I must admit I wonder very much about those in the elite forces. They're elite for a reason, and the things they do must be difficult.

    *must look more into that*

    But for real life heros, yup, most anyone in the service.

    Also, Iron mum's comment, lol! I know, I keep scrolling up too. If this comment makes little sense, that's why. It only took me like an hour to type this out because of that picture.

  3. Hey iron mum, I second that hubba hubba. And these men and women work behind the scenes doing much we are not even aware of. Heroes indeed.

    LOL! So do I, I just want to crawl all over that back, lick that tattoo...

  4. Nina, so true, like I said, they do so much more we are not even aware of. The sacrifice to their personal lives must be staggering. Oh I agree, heroes all around.

    LOL! I keep looking at it as well, no wonder it made the rounds on twitter and facebook. Yow.

  5. Gayl,

    Please make sure Nick has a big honking tattoo, maybe his back could have an eagle, with full wing spread over those muscular shoulder blades...sigh.

    Oh hell yes...

  6. I was just thinking the same thing. Is that a stab wound? I'm making that image my desktop image.

  7. I noticed that as well! Looks like a stab scar to me, give Nick one! LOL about the desk top image, cool!!
    I am going to put it on my Ipod as wallpaper!

  8. Oh wow, it does look a romance cover model, love this shot, and real life heroes, so true. thanks for posting this!


  9. He does, doesn't he? Not a bad thing. Thanks jaundyce~


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