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Got the final edit yesterday, and also the publish date.

MAY 11 2011

Squeeee! I can't believe it!

It will be  available at the Evernight Publishers website first.

Then from there within two weeks or so of the release date it will show up on Amazon US, Canada, UK and Germany., All Romance Ebooks, 1Placefor Romance, Digibooks Cafe.

Also Barnes and Noble, Smashwords, Apple, Sony, Chapters, KOBO,  Deisel and more.

I have to write my dedication and send it off today.
The past two months since I got the email saying they wanted to publish this story have been a whirlwind.

Here is a little excerpt to wet your whistle~ Jerrod Ross is the hero, he is from 1821 Cornwall, England, trying to adjust to life in the future, and his growing desire for the woman who found him, Sandra Cranston:  ADULT

Jerrod pulled on the black 'jeans', as Sandra called them.
Sandra had shown him how to operate the zipper contraption, amazing really. He grasped the metal tab and pulled, taking a slice of skin off his finger in the process.
"I can't work the dammed thing," he snarled quietly. “Would you mind?"

            He could have sworn her mouth dropped open. But, to her credit, she did not hesitate. She walked toward him and reached for the tab of the zipper. Her fingers lightly brushed past his cock, his reaction was immediate and very noticeable, making putting up the zipper even more of a challenge. He drew a ragged breath. She stepped closer, lowering her head. The flowery scent from her hair was tantalizing. She pulled. The zipper stuck.
            Jerrod heard her sigh. She pulled and tried again. It went up half way. She stepped back quickly like she had been burned.
            "You can manage the rest," she mumbled. “The shaving cream and razor are in the bathroom, call if you need me.” Sandra turned as if to flee, but he reached out and softly held her wrist. God's blood, he was aroused.
            “Stay, Sandra, please,” he managed. He reached for her hand. Was it his fervent imagination, or was her hand trembling as well? She nodded, and he took her hand. It was small, warm, and feminine, nearly disappearing in his. It felt as if it belonged in his. He let go, quickly buttoned the shirt and stuffed it under the waistband of his jeans, then continued to fight with the zipper. Finally, he got it up.
             He rubbed the quite visible whiskers now showing on his face. He was anxious to shave. “Come with me, Sandra?”
            Once they reached the bathroom he looked around. Where was the razor? Letting go of Sandra’s hand, he picked up a cylindrical object, and pressed the button on the top. A mighty exhale of air was quickly followed by a mass of white cream. He sniffed, almost a minty odor. Was this the shaving cream she spoke of? He rubbed it between his fingers. Most interesting. Still, he saw no razor. There was something with a handle next to the cream. Jerrod laid down the cream, it went all over the wall, and himself. Grumbling, he reached for a towel and began to wipe.
            A sexy laugh bubbled from Sandra, a sensual sound that went straight to his cock, hardening it even more. Her laugh was glorious, but she made no move to assist him. She just crossed her arms and watched him, a sexy, amused grin on her lovely face. Minx. After he removed the mess, he reached for the handled object. He stroked a finger over the top, slicing his skin. A small dot of blood rose to the surface. He sucked on it, while staring at the object. Not a straight razor as he was used to, but some sort of razor nonetheless. He pressed a button and the bloody thing began to vibrate in his hand. He shouted and dropped it like he was handling hot coals.
            “The bloody thing is alive!” he cried out.
            Sandra bent down to pick it up. She flicked the button and turned it off. “It’s a Gillette Fusion razor, it vibrates, to give you a closer shave. See? Five blades.”
            He raised an eyebrow. “Five blades? I am hardly a suckling pig to be carved into bits. Do you perhaps have a straight razor?”
            Sandra laughed again. It was such a pleasurable sound, he longed for it to continue. “Only serial killers use those. Is that what you used? It’s a wonder you didn’t lop your head off.” 
            Jerrod’s handsome face twisted in confusion, frustration and irritation. He felt out of his element, as he had ever since he awoke in her room. She stepped in close, the razor still in her hand. Her countenance was playful, her eyes mischievous. Or was it desire?
             “Would you like me to shave you?”  Her voice was deep, husky, he would daresay, suggestive.
            Jerrod playfully leaned down to whisper in her ear, “Do you make a habit of this? Offering to assist a man in his toilette?” His breath fanned her cheek like a wave of hot sex, covering her body like a cloak. The room became close, the air vibrating with sexual tension and raw, desirous heat. “You do have experience in this, I trust.”
            “I shave myself, how different can it be?”
            He cocked his brow. “Indeed? And where do you…shave?”
            Her face was aflame. She slammed the toilet lid down and pushed him none too gently onto the closed seat. “My legs. Women shave their legs in this time.”
            He gave her his sexy, lop-sided grin. “Indeed? Now I am very intrigued.”
            Sandra picked up the shave cream and spritzed some into her hands, mixed it between her palms, and leaned down to spread a thin film over his face. He spread his long legs wide, allowing her to step in closer to him. He wanted her as close as she could get. His cock was hard as stone. He looked up at her.
            She looked nervous, and excited, he could see desire in her lovely gray eyes. Picking up the Fusion, she flicked on the button, and a low hum filled the silence surrounding them. Her breasts slightly brushed by his cheek, a low growl rumbled deep in his chest. Jerrod reached over with a long finger and swiped the bit of shave cream that was on her sweater, right on the nipple. Barely there contact, but enough to have that flame between them roar to life. He smiled seductively as he wiped the cream on his own throat.          
            He slid over on the closed toilet seat, so that his thighs were touching her leg, reached behind her back, and eased her down until she was sitting on his leg.
            “Shave me,” he whispered hoarsely.


  1. Oh my frigging God, that had my stomach doing, well lets just say that Eric of TB is the only one that can do that. I can't wait for it to come out and am counting the days now.

    I got so worked up over the date I confused that with my sons birthday.....I haven't told him, he thinks I'm weird enough.

    Congratulations and well done on your book, you deserve it.

  2. Iron Mum,

    I can't tell you what it means to me that you read and commented on this, cheers so very much!
    This is mild compared to other sections, LOL! Out of a heat level of 1-4 at Evernight Publishers, my novella ebook is a 3, so that should tell you.

    LOL about the date. I am surprised it is going to be available at so many places, probably a few weeks after May 11,

    And thanks again, I really appreciate all the support and kind words you have given over the last couple of years *hugs*

  3. I'm so glad you posted an excerpt here and I cannot wait for May 11! I can't decide if I'll get it on the release date or wait for B&N to grab it...decisions decisions...

    Again I am so proud and so excited for you! Dreams really do come true don't they? Now kepp them coming!

  4. Oh I am in love with your hero already. Trying to adjust to the future, I was fanning myself too. Looking forward to this


  5. Wow, Karyn. Haha, I'm loving the meat suit version of Jerrod. Oh he's a little flirt, isn't he?

    I can't wait for the release! (Oh snap, I totally made a dirty dirty pun there.)

  6. Thanks so much Gayl, wow you are going to buy a copy? I am grateful!

    And thanks for your kind words as always, you are such a support and buddy.
    Yeah, now what do I do? LOL!

  7. Jaundyce,

    so glad to hear that about the hero. I am quite proud of him myself.
    Cheers for your unwavering support~

  8. Nina,

    LOL!!! Meat suit Jerrod is quite different from the Sims version, oh yes, he's a flirt, and so much more~

    *snort* Love dirty puns~

  9. I admit it, I can't wait! And to think this is just a tease! He's amazingly sexy.

    And the release date is almost here! Congrats!


  10. Of course I'm going to buy it! You think I wouldn't? Not only do I want to read it but that is what friends do.

  11. Oh thanks so much Eliza! That made me so happy you think he is sexy, that was the aim!

    Thanks for the congrats!

  12. Oh wow Gayl, so cool to hear that, thanks so much! Awww, friends. So true~

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. Sorry that really didn't come out sounding right. :/ Let's try this again. Been a long day, and I'm tired.

    Sorry, I was late to the party as usual. :( But honest, I had an excuse teach, I only have 20 pages left before I'm ready to start submitting SoG, so, I'm excused, right?

    Geez, very well done - wouldn't even have anything to say about that.

    Just so you know - I *will* be buying it when it's available at Amazon since I have an account there.

  15. Just glad you stopped by~

    This scene you didn't see, done in the first round of edits. Instead of leaving, she stays, and shaves him, LOL! Works way better. My editor, Hannah Giersdorf's suggestion.

    Thanks, YAY! Made a couple of sales~ LOL!


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