Wednesday, April 20, 2011

THE PROCESS...Or, My Process! Sims Baby...

I will touch on this more in depth later, but just wanted to punctuate the point home of how important Sims Stories have been to me in my process of writing.
I will be published. Major goal accomplished. What comes next, who knows?

But I wouldn't have got this far in my goals if not for a ton of supportive, fantastic people I met through doing Sim Stories.

What are Sim Stories you may ask?

 Think of it as a graphic novel if you will. It is quite a thriving community of talented writers and storytellers. I still love doing it. It is where I try out plots and characters.
I use Sims 2, though Sims 3 can be just as effective. You can take in game shots of the sims you create, decorate the lots and houses, put these shots together and write text to accompany each shot into a cohesive narrative. We support each other, comment on each other stories, give encouragement when needed. Or that kick in the ass when warranted.

I have an on-going story called CRIME STORY 1970 click HERE to have a look at what I mean. It's adult, I don't write for the kiddies.

Timeless Heart? The ebook novella that will be published with Evernight Publishers? Completely story-boarded using my Sims game. It is not as crazy as it sounds. It works. I am the proof.

Here are a couple of shots taken in game for the Time Travel plot I worked out using the Sims, cool!

Our heroine finds a carriage deep in the woods...and a handsome unconscious stranger inside. Dressed like Mr. Darcy, no less! She takes him home, Jaysus, who wouldn't?

The hero, Jerrod Ross, and you can see why Sandra bundled this handsome Regency hunk into her car and whisked him to her place. Yow.

This embrace was accomplished by using a pose box. Don't ask. Let's just say there is a LOT of stuff out there you can download for the Sims games to enhance gameplay. Does this whet your interest? LOL! Stay tuned, Timeless Heart tentatively released May 2011!

Also, click HERE to look at a list of talented people (mostly exclusively ladies) who also do Sim Stories, and a lot of them write on the side as I do, and are using/or planning to use certain stories/plots/characters in their writing.

I am proud of the stories I have done using the sims, and of all the people I have met in that community. This is a great way to get your feet wet, get feedback on your writing/plotting/characterization skills. Interact with other aspiring writers. I am not the most polished or technically accomplished writer around, I know this. No doubt my sims stories are littered with grammar no-no's. I admit I didn't edit it as thorough as I could have, I was doing it for fun.
But I never would have attempted a novella AND submitted it without my on-going experience with Sim Stories.



  1. I think that is great you are drawing attention to sim stories, and you know, I can see where it would work for planning plots and such! And you know I love your sims stories, and I look forward to your ebook debut!


  2. I can't believe you mentioned it, lol. But you're right. It is a great way to get feet wet, test out stories, get feedback. I consider everyone who reads my beta readers. If they don't get something, and they have to ask, then I know I wasn't clear enough in the writing.

    Plus it's fun to work with the images. Easiest 3D program to work with ever!

  3. *lol* you can never get away from it so you might as well admit it!

    It is definitely a good solid start in getting feedback and learning how to deal with feedback and honing your skills before you start spreading your wings a little wider.

  4. I think it's wonderful that you've mentioned sim stories. Everyone starts from somewhere and that start should be acknowledged.

    Facebook, lol! I guess you've got to get yourself out there! ;)

    Btw, I think my avatar has decided to disappear from peoples 'following widget'. I think yours did this a little while ago? Anyway, as annoying as it is I am still following! :)

  5. Thanks Jaundyce, I give credit where credit is due, and it is not just the stories themselves, but all the people I have had interaction with and have read and commented on my stories the past 5 years.

  6. LOL Nina, I know. Initially I was going to keep the sims and writing personas separate, then decided...why? I NEVER would have got to this point without Sim Stories and the Sims writing community.

    Oh, I never thought of that, beta readers, good point! And I love working with the images as well. It adds so much to the story, I esp. love getting emotional responses from the sims, or using face overlays to achieve it.

  7. Judi, so true. I am not hiding it! LOL! All part of the learning experience to me. I had abandoned writing for so many years, and thanks to sim stories, I got back into it in spades.

    And another good point, dealing with the feedback, good and bad. Should be interesting how I take this lesson to heart when reviews start to trickle in on Timeless Heart. *polishing my armor*

  8. Jen,

    Thanks! I agree, it is such an intricate part of my process and enjoyment and I will be continuing to do it, so yep, I embrace it.

    Yeah. hell froze over and I am on facebook. I held out as long as I could. I will deal, LOL!

    Yes, your avatar, it is called 'ghosting' a glitch Google can't fix apparently. I think 3 weeks later my avatar was back out of the blue. Very weird when that happens. hang in there, it should come back soon. Thanks for coming by Jen!

  9. Sorry I'm late to the party here!

    I'm glad you mentioned this too. I have LH linked on my "author" website as well, and have had for years now. I mean, it is what it is, right? It's hard to explain to other people (who don't write illustrated stories) just what we're doing here. I've tried to describe it as a pet-project or passion-project, illustrated series, or like you say, a graphic novel. It's not something I'm ashamed of (apart from those first few horrible rounds which I really do need to get around to revising or something), and what I've found is that most people either get it and love it, or don't get it and don't really care, lol!

    I do love the public beta-reading thing too! Everyone is a test audience! It's like a giant open fiction journal where we can play with ideas and storylines and characters and see what sticks. And I really do just love working with the images as well. I've considered teaching myself to use real 3D illustration software - but you know, using Sims is MUCH easier, lol!

  10. Hi Laura!

    I am too lazy to log into my Karyn Gerrard name, I noticed that you linked to LH a long time ago. It did get me thinking, as some do keep it separate. Like you, I figured, why not? I am not ashamed either. It certainly shows my progress as a writer, even though I cringe at early stuff too. (and maybe some of the more recent stuff, LOL!)

    And people either get it or not. I have seen my family's eyes glaze over when I try to talk about the sim stories, LOL!

    Oh yeah, test audience, big time. I love how you describe it as a giant fiction journal. In my novella? I described the characters physically just how they appeared in the sim story. It is a huge help on so many levels.

    Thanks so much for stopping by~


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